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Photos from Marathon
[Image: marathon-490-bc#]
Qui plus fait, miex vault.
This should take you to a great video...

Marathon Video
Qui plus fait, miex vault.

Young Lady Cameron made a splendid ancient young Platean.
Lord Kineas has every reason to be proud of her.

Kind regards
Those are great pictures Christian! What an event.
Robert Vermaat
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[Image: artgroepbutton.jpg]
Those really are some amazing pictures. Those shields are works of art.
David J. Cord
I'm sorry. Just.Wow.
That looks like a stunning get together, and what a location. Everyone there must have felt the connection. I had no idea you could get that many hoplite re-enactors together in one spot.

Amazing. Fantastic photographs.

Paul Elliott

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Mithras, you just made me laugh aloud... you had no idea?

neither did we!

But it was fantastic. Now, to do it again...
Qui plus fait, miex vault.
Outstanding pictures, just outstanding.

And a good time was had by all I hope.
Ira Gossett
Glorious!! I start saving now. I'm too arthritic to run down the beach chasing Persians. But my Athena Promachos persona could bless the battle from on high (cherry-picker?)...

Thanks for posting these.
Cheryl Boeckmann
Well, we simply need more Greek re-enactors! Seems like a wonderfull event. Well done, all!
Jvrjenivs Peregrinvs Magnvs / FEBRVARIVS
A.K.A. Jurjen Draaisma
CORBVLO and Fectio
Fantastic photos! Thanks for posting, Christian, and kudos once more to you and all the others who made it happen. I am very sorry that I couldn't attend.

Next time...
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Some of those photos and impressions are truly spectacular! I'm not even a reenactor (just interested in historical combat) and I want to take a step in that direction so I can come to the next event (in what, five years?)!

Next time you should have everyone that attend as a hoplite put some cash into a fund for those that show up as Persians. Or to at least fund a bunch of sparabara-shields. If you find a good level of the fee/benefit it could give you more balanced forces.

Kineas -- do you have any thread here at this forum or elsewhere detailing how your shield was built? It looks like you have done something similar to how you did that ribbed Boeotian shield you present in a thread on this forum.
I'll post it today. And I'm recruiting for Marathon 2014... both new members for my group, and new groups, and members for other existing groups. I'd like 250 Hoplites and 100 Persians for Marathon 2014, and I think that's totally doable...

So please, whether you have kit or not, if you read this and want to be at Marathon in 2014, contact me by PM and we'll sort it out.
Qui plus fait, miex vault.
Quote:[Image: 299198_10150804251530397_599530396_20642...9044_n.jpg]
Those hardly look like the ethnic Persian elites at Marathon. Other than this, and some of the shields I find somewhat disturbing, great pictures.

Edited to add: OOPS, I may have necroposted. :oops:
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