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Gladiatorial mosaics from Cos
The mosaic just needs a bit of water chucked over it prior to the photo and you'll see the original colours.

These mosaics would have had the surface ground down after completion and this has the effect of dulling all the colours (with mechanical cutting you get a 'whitish' appearance to most colours)for example black can appear as dark grey.

There shouldn't be any fading of what we term the true colour of the stone it's just reverted back to it's unpolished state.
Lawrence Payne

Asking me to tile your bathroom is like asking Vermeer to creosote your shed ;-)
Quote:In the Greek eastern part of the Empire several types of gladiator seem to have worn huge helmets with a heavy fabric "arming cap" beneath it. Often the lower edge of this padding can be seen beneath the brim of the helmet at back, giving the impression of a double neckguard. I think this gladiator has lost or discarded his helmet leaving on the coif-like arming cap.

Certainly an option, have you references for the arming caps you mention? I am aware that there was a trend for helmets to becaome more bonnet like and bulbous in the 2-3rd centuries.

The only thing I would say is that if the helmet had been discarded wouldn't you expect to see it depicted near the combatants feet?

All very interesting though.
Marc Byrne
Look at the thread Olaf has posted on the Budur Museum gladiatorial reliefs. On the far right pair, the victorious gladiator is lifting off his defeated opponent's helmet, revealing a heavily padded coif beneath, exposing only the face.
Exactly, though I have to admit I would not have noticed the padded coif in this Mosaic so thank you very much for the great find.
It is especialy interesting as here the Provocator seems to be doing quite well without the helmet wounding his opponents hand.
I have added further examples of helmet padding in Gladiatorial iconography in the other thread:
Olaf Küppers - Histotainment, Event und Promotion - Germany

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