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My Provocator Helm (SCA)
Granted, this is for SCA fighting, but I believe it looks pretty good and close to an actual one. Will put up pics once I get the whole kit together for SCA. Of course will need to make some exceptions for SCA armor standards, but going to try and come as close as I can.

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John Tibbs
Looks very intimidating. Is you line of vision clear?
Vision is pretty good in it, specially peripheral. Just got back from pennsic, and lost some spear tips off and on, due to the bars, but adjusted to it well. Have only worn it 2 days at Pennsic, so will only get better with the adjustments to it.
John Tibbs
You can also use it on Halloween as the FLY
Good job Joe!
Looks good Fhyn
Lol yeah. One of my best friends told me I need to put some antennas on it and get a blue outfit and be The Tick. Smile

But I love it, and thats all that matters. They are all just secretly jealous, cause they are stuck in the 13th and 14th Century for their personnas and I get to have fun in the Roman times. :p
John Tibbs

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