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Gladiators: a cemetery of secrets
In York this summer, there's an exhibition of the skeletons from Driffield Terrace:

Article in the York Press:

From the Jorvik Viking Centre's website:
Salve Sandra,

I pretty sure that the museum still jumps on the gladiator thing because that brings more visitors to the museum than the bones of some criminals or slaves. We had discussed this already here on RAT:

and even more vividly on the UNRV forum

I'm very surprised that a museum so desperately needs visitors and money from sponsors or whatever that they need "gladiators" to promote the exhibition.
It's a new exhibition that opened on Saturday, so if anyone's in York and they want to see it, I'm just pointing out it's there :lol: Visitor numbers are proving that there's public interest in it, and the exhibition and the archaeologists emphasise that may be they aren't gladiators. They are presenting the evidence and letting people decide for themselves. It keeps people employed in these very difficult times, and will doubtless fund the publication. What's not to like?
I like dr. Anwen Caffel very much Wink

Bushido wa watashi no shuukyou de gozaru.

Katte Kabuto no O wo shimeyo!


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