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Can anyone help? Broken frog
Hello all

I know I'm not doing this right as a new member, but I need some quick advice. I'm using my kit for the first time at the end of June, but have broken a frog on my starter balteus. Do you have any recommendations for a (quick) but quality replacement? It probably means I'll need at least one new plate and brass rivets too (probably two so that I can have matching frogs).

Need them by next week so I have time for fitting - any ideas?

your needy compatriot

sorry - should have said 1st Century preferrably
A picture of the broken piece would give us a better idea of what needs to be done. It may be reparable, or may need to be replaced. There are a dozen suppliers, and several dozen choices of parts, so it's difficult to say what needs to be done.

Help us help you?

BTW, welcome to the forum! If you need help navigating, just let us know.
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It's the actual stalk of the suspension disc that's snapped off - there isn't enough of a surface area to solder/fuse sensibly and glue options are temporary at best. I bought it from Armamentaria originally but it arrived broken. I returned it for replacement, but they appear to have returned it partially soldered, but it can't be repaired in that way if it is to take any weight at all. I tried - hence the second break.

Do you know any other suppliers that I can order from online? Being on the Isle of Man limits my options!

Thank you for the help and welcome by the way - much appreciated!
I think it is as M.Demetrius has pointed out a picture of the frog would help determine just how to fix it.
There is a way of course if it is the shank that holds the disc what you need to do is cut off this shank at the frog body, then also remove the rest of the shank from the disc.
Then drill both the disc and the frog body at the diameter of a longish rivet, put a piece of tube between the disc and frog body at the correct length and peen over the rivet at the frog rear. If you don't have a piece of tube make one by getting a bit of thin brass sheet cut it at 3.5 times the diameter of your rivet and roll it around a former or the rivet itself. This will make it stronger than the other one that has not snapped yet.
Brian Stobbs
#5 his post. He isn't looking for a how-to on fixing a frog, he's looking for a replacement from an online source.

I like:

Email them, see what they have in-stock and how fast it can be shipped. Also ask if they can toss in a few rivets to help out...

Good luck!
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I might have a spare one in my parts and junk boxs. I have a zillion rivets. You can have one and rivets if you can't find one in the local area, but I am not sure it will arrive in time.

When you think about it, the Romans had stuff break on them also. THey probably just ted it up with some leather or whatever was handy. You can go authentic field jury-rig repair.

If the replacement you recieved from Armamentaria was unsatisfactory then talk to Adrian directly (posts here as Peroni). I'm sure he'd be happy to help you sort it out and, as a UK based supplier, it's going to be your quickest option.
"Medicus" Matt Bunker

I'd second Matt's suggestion- Adrian is always really helpful with any issues.
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Albert, I would just like to make it clear here on this thread that the replacement belt sent was a new Deepeeka belt, not a repair.

I have sent you an email this morning Albert offering solutions.
Thanks to all for the advice - both retail and practical! All recommendations gratefully received. Spoke to Adrian this morning and have a solution in place - hopefully it will be sorted in time for our first foray!

Adrian, no offence meant if any was taken, but the belt must have had a dodgy repair at the Deepeeka end.

Thanks again - it's good to know that there are plenty of helpful folks here - as I'm just starting out I'm sure I'll need your help!

To bring it all to a glorious end - Adrian at Armamentaria has come up trumps. He is sourcing me two new frogs, replacement belt plates and all the necessary rivets and washers.

What's more - he's pre-drilling and counter-sinking for me and only charging for the frogs. Hats off to him! This is a great help and very much appreciated. I'll make sure to spread the good word about his excellent service.

Thanks once again to Adrian and all of you for the help, recommendations and advice!

More than happy to be of help Albert, and thank you for your kind comments.
Say, would you mail me a box of holes? That would save a lot of time, I could just put one on a piece of metal where it's needed.
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That's rather hard. The box usually doesn't survive. :lol:
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Darn. It figures. Sad
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