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Open Access Journals on Ancient History
.... after running into as seemingly (albeit only temporarily) " heated" thread about Parthians and Sassanians
and their contribution to western (military) culture, I'm remebered that I found some interesting online
papers/books while combing the internet this week.
It was uploaded by Iranist Karveh Farrokh or some of his fellow colleagues for his students or fellow scholars.
You can easily find those papers by yourself via Google by typing "Wp-content" and "karveh farrokh" into the "search"line.
However there are some which I have already downloaded myself:

ROUTLEDGE HISTORY OF THE ANCIENT WORLD : The Roman Empire At Bay 180-395/ Das Römische Reich im Alarmzustand 180-395 (In Englisch)

Roman and Byzantine Campaigns in Atropatene:

The Origins and Appearance of the Kurds in Pre-Islamic Iran

Rome And Persia In Late Antiquity- Neighbours And Rivals

Scythian Antiquities in Western Asia

Jan Willem Drijvers – A Roman Image of the Sassanian „Barbarians“

James E. Seaver: Publius Ventidius. Neglected Roman Military Hero

Jan Willem Drijvers: Rome and the Sasanid Empire: Confrontation and Coexistence

A. D. Lee: The Role of Hostages in Roman Diplomacy with Sasanian Persia

War And Society In The Roman World

Helmut Nickel:
The Emperor's New Saddle Cloth: The Ephippium of the Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius

Last but not least my thanks go out to the generosity of Prof.Dr. Farrokh.

I hope that eases Robert V.s moderation task a bit.


Siggi K.
Thanks to Jona's link I found some articles but unfortunately not all are free for download or you have to register at some places where I don't know what it is. :? Confusedhock: Therefore I kindly ask you if anyone of you has access to some of those places and could download for me the article in PDF mentioned in the following link:

Many thanks in advance for your help.
After finding some interesting stuff online I'd recommend to search
Google by typing "wp-content" and a further "buzzword" like , e.g. "roman".
Happy hunting -- and a successful 2013.

Siggi K.
Since I ran into a small number of "DeGruyter"-publications now online I inevitably came into touch with that website (Bi-Lingual, they say, but after my impression mostly in German and a small number of the papers also in Italian) :
And here are the books now "open access" :
Therese Fuhrer, Hrsg :Rom und Mailand in der Spätantike/Therese Fuhrer Ed.: Rome And Milano in
Late Antiquity

Hrsg.: Frank Daubner : Militärsiedlungen und Territorialherrschaft in der Antike/Ed. Frank Daubner:Military Settlements and Territorial Control in Antiquity

Hrsg.: Felix Mundt --Kommunikationsräume im kaiserzeitlichen Rom/Spaces of Communication in Imperial Rome



Well , it's not too easy to tell "Open Access" from "Moneymakers"
Had to delete the last one. Sorry.
Siggi K.
I recommend . A social network sites of scholars. Researchers, including historians, upload their articles/book chapters/entire books to make them public.
If you, for example, enter 'Roman army' you get access to more than 600 papers:
I'm not sure whether it is already mentioned on the forum. The entire "A Companion to the Roman Army" edited by Paul Erdkamp is online available and you can download it in pdf.

The link in the original post of Jona doesn't work anymore.
Here is the new link to AWOL's list of open access journals.

Happy hunting,

Flandria me genuit, tenet nunc Roma
Wohoo the site's back up!

Thanks for the updated link Wink
Archaeonautica, a journal on ancient maritime history. And tons of other journals on the French site Persée.
Stefan (Literary references to the discussed topics are always appreciated.)
Tropis Conference Proceedings. Absolute gold for those who are into ancient nautical archaeology:
Stefan (Literary references to the discussed topics are always appreciated.)
Through Rainer Schreg's Website "Archaelogik" (Forgive me -- he's a "mediaevist" ;-) )
(In German)
(In English)
I was guided to
(In German)
resp. to
(In English)
(German Content/in English)
(Swiss Content/in English)
and finally
(In German)
Please do note: I haven't checked the available Content as to its actual language.
Sorry, but I don't have that much time right now. :oops:
However I thought you may find this interesting.


Siggi K.
Rheinisches Museum für Philologie 1827-2009
Stefan (Literary references to the discussed topics are always appreciated.)
Like to add new ones:
The Website of the Classical Association of South Africa
And here is the meat:
(Chose from Acta Classica or Akroterion)


Siggi K.
Here we go again:
The website of the "Roman Finds Group" with archived (older) samples of theit newsletter (Luerna)
and a link to "Instrumentum":


Siggi K.
Hungarian journals
Stefan Pop-Lazic
by a stuff demand, and personal hesitation

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