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Frater novus

Here I am, living at the limes, patrolling nearly every day on my iron clad horse ( well it is now more carbon clad ;-) the way between Caput limes and the stationary camp of Legio Minerva in Bonna. Having a mixture of roman and germanic blood in myself, I was teached of the roman empire from the very first years of my life,playing in teh ruins of Ostia Antica, Augusta Rurica, Augusta Teverorum Colonia Ara Agripensis or Ulpia Traiana.
After serving some years in a mech.infantry batallion reaching the ranks of a Tribunus Angustuclavius i retired and now am in racing with steel, carbon and titanium horses - ahh the wind of the Circus Maximus...

My interest in rom,an history was ever huge, now I am starting to get more involved in historical reeanactment and education.

So I hope to get knowlege and benefits from this forum and fraternity.

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