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How to stay logged in?
When I visit this forum I have to login and every time I check the "remember me" box. However; whenever I return here I have to login again. No matter how often I check that box. The forum keeps me logged in for about an hour or so and then automatically logs me out again. Does anyone know how to remain logged in so that I do not have to do that every single time I return to the forum?

By the way: my computer accepts cookies and doesn't remove them either so I've never had this problem on other forums.
Vescere bracis meis!
Yeah, I have the same problem, but only on my machine at work! At home it stays logged in just fine. Both are Macs, using Safari. (I've never been able to log in using Firefox.) My work computer is much newer, but being government there are horrendous firewalls and security measures, so that might be part of it.


Matthew Amt (Quintus)
Legio XX, USA
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Government computers usually don't accept cookies because of the safety risks involved. I used to work at a district courthouse where we actually used separate computers to access the internet, just to make sure that nobody would find out about their neighbour's criminal record and all the hemp he used to grow on his attic. :wink:

My computer is accepting cookies from RAT though, so it's a mystery why I still can't stay logged in here.
Vescere bracis meis!
I have to log in every time I visit, though my Norton security logs me in automatically. I dont think that I ever logged out of the old forum, but now even if I leave just for a moment I have to log in again when I return to the forum.
Mark Hayes

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Hektor, the Iliad
I assume you are all using as the domain to visit this site? I suspect I know the cause of the problem in that case, which should be resolved in a few days.

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
I'm using the URL as my shortcut to RAT.

Right now the forum keeps me logged in so the problem seems to be solved for me, thanks! Big Grin
Vescere bracis meis!
I have a similar problem. Sometimes, when I receive an e-mail advising me of a new post to a thread to which I am subscribed and I click on the link and go to the thread, RAT thinks that I am a guest and I have to log in. Why is this? It doesn't happen all the time.
Michael King Macdona

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Actually this happens to me when I'm logged in and click on an image or (more often) a link to another discussion on this very forum. This opens in a new window where I have to log in to see the image or the message.
Robert Vermaat
FECTIO Late Romans
(Maurikios-Strategikon, book VIII.2: Maxim 12)
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