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SCA members?
some day I'll get to finish posting this
Caesar audieritis hoc
still can't penetrate the blockade lol
Caesar audieritis hoc
Safety is so important though, the sight of a helm with broken chin strap flying 12 feet over a ferociously fought melee comes to mind.
Caesar audieritis hoc
ut between the fighting and partying, an SCA war is about as close to Valhalla as you can get and live to tell about it.
Caesar audieritis hoc
the above was the Reader's Digest version.
Caesar audieritis hoc
How to make a rattan gladius.
I think the biggest problem with Roman equipment and the SCA is that the standard and event specialist Roman panoply does not meet the safety requirements of the SCA without being overtly adjusted,ignored or 'fantasy roman'

The standard Equipment list (heavily generalised) is;

-Helmet - MUST cover the entire head and face even if it is brackets but these must be a certain size so arrows and the odd blow dont ruin eyes
-Gloves or hand/wrist protection that is completely metal (overing shield boss works in thsi case)
-elbow cover
-kidney cover
-"box' for important man and womanly bits
-knee cover
-solid enclosed boots

Looking at this list shows that the later roman has a better chance of being represented and that of a republican velite would be impossible.

The flat bowl cooluses, montefortinos wouldn't be allowed onto the field and any cuirass would be appropriate almost always not necessary.
speaking of helms, the Intercisa and berkasovo would be fantastic, as would 3rd century depeaka 'auxilery helmets or the more enclosed gallic ones - but heres the thing, you cant have the thin cross braces, any studding, the earguards cant jut out as much etc, as you cant tear up the rattan swords
Arm manica needs to be worn on both arms,
roman Greeves aren't sufficient for the guidelines of protecting knees (and believe it takes ONE shot to make armor seem completely needed)
there were no armored roman gloves meaning that any gladius needs a bell bracket around it making it look like a shortneed rapier
Caligae would be a nightmare is not combat illegal
The neckguard was not roman but can be easily covered by a scarf

theres more, as stated earlier, roman Sca reenactment CAN be done but any closer inspection would wraught more historical problems then and grievances than a erskine street guardsment in a 'trooper helm'
Damian Laurence Zamprogno
Sempronius, I concur... I was nodding a lot while reading your post, and would like to add that this is minimum armor standards but you might want more. Vambraces for one, getting a solid blow on an unprotected forearm is almost a guaranteed broken arm if hit hard enough. and the area just above the knee is unbelievably painful if someone with serious power gets you there and its not covered... personal experience there. I found people seem to instinctively target uncovered body parts. As cool as the Caligae are and after seeing some I found myself wanting a pair just to wear around during the summer, the cloesd toe requirement is simply because blows go awry smetimes and you can get hit in non target areas. Unprotected toes and a rattan sword travelling 60 miles an hour don't mix well. But one thing about the idea of a rattan gladius, I think if you have alanyard and some whomping good clamshell gauntlets, you could use one, providing it was tourney safe and legal. The thing to remember is SCA combat really did not begin with Rome in mind, they were thinking medieval combat. Again, SCA period only begins with the fall of Rome in 476AD so there's a little wiggle room but not a lot. You just have to accept some things and decide if you can live with it or not. The faster you decide the sooner you can get out there and start fighting which is the real fun. Find enough other people in your group of like mind and form a war unit so you can try some romanesque things.
Caesar audieritis hoc
If I were on the field and someone walked up to me wearing insufficient armor, I would politely decline and tell him why and so would anybody else who knew any better, AND if we were going to fight, we would need to find a marshal to watch us fight to ensure safety were observed and HE wouldn't let us fight.
Caesar audieritis hoc
Salve! I am Julia Sempronia, residing in the Kingdom of An Tir. Persona is fifth century Roman.
Iulia Sempronia (Sara Urdahl)
Officium ante Proprium Bonum
Our roman group ( fights in most major of the mid-Atlantic area SCA events. Tiberius, were you at pennsic last year? Did you fight in a no-shields tourney using javelin and gladius?

I try to make my kit as roman as possible while staying safe. Most SCA folk don't start roman (armor wise). I think you start off with whatever armor you can get when you are new, and slowly buy or make the armor you really want as money allows. We are in it for the fight first, and we try to help our new people get armored up appropriately. We will be at defending the gate this Saturday. Also, our camp at pennsic is just behind the east kingdom tent on the battle field, it's the one with the 12' red SPQR banner with a huge golden eagle Wink

My kit is horizontal centergrip scutum
Gallic-esque generalization helmet with minimal bar grill (not as nice as clangs, but pretty nice)
Leather gorget wrapped and covered by scarf
Musculata with leather shoulder pteruges
Subarmalis with pteruges
Hockey glove with a cestus I made over it.
leather elbow and vambrace on shield arm (still working on that one)
Brass shovel greaves
Boots (guilty)
Max Little

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