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RIP Maj. Dick Winters
I just learned of the passing of Dick Winters, by all accounts a great but humble man. He was brought to the public's attention by the epic mini-series "Band of Brothers" where he was portrayed by Damian Lewis. He took command of Easy Company 506th P.I.R. 101st Abn. Div, the "Screaming Eagles", after the death of his Captain during their D-Day jump in to Normandy. While I don't know of any particular connection to the Roman History Community, the passing of such a great soldier in any age deserves more reverent notice than just a passing "oh yeah, guess what happened" in the Off-Topics section. Once those boy ar re-united wth their CO up in Heaven, the Devil better keep a sharp eye out for parachutes. Rest in peace, Sir.
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BoB, of course, was fiction and mythologised the soldiers, but from seeing Dick Winters interviewed, his atitude, and reading about him factually, he was every bit an admirable soldier and Officer and Gentleman, in the best sense.

I salute such a Man. RIP.
"dulce et decorum est pro patria mori " - Horace, ODES
(It is a sweet and proper thing to die for ones country)

"No son-of-a-bitch ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country" -GeorgeC Scott as General George S. Patton
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How sad that another of the Band of Brothers has gone. As Paullus Scipio said, the TV miniseries may have dramatised the events, but the interviews with Dick Winters and the other veterans, and the enthusiastic reception that they and other veterans gave the series proved that it had done a good job in recreating the realities of what Easy Company went through.

Dick Winters was admired and respected by many people, not just those who served under him. May he rest in peace.
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Dick Winters was a true warrior. One anecdote from Ambrose's book still sticks - The author was visiting Major Winters at his home and noticed a lame Canada goose in his backyard and asked him half-jokingly why he didn't just shoot it. Major Winters looked at him with horror and said "I can't do that!". Now this was a man who had killed more Germans in combat than most of us have had hot dinners.
Really makes me wonder about those fellows who try to show off their testosterone by inflicting pain on defenseless animals.
Cry \'\'\'\'Havoc\'\'\'\', and let slip the dogs of war
Dick was a great man and I am proud to have met him in person and to have had quite a conversation with him when I was a much younger officer. At the time he was still not happy that the 101st had been taken by and large off "jump" status and Band of Brothers had not hit the mass popularity it shares today.

Oh and humble man he was to include going over and getting me drink when he saw my beer cup was empty. I had no idea he was a DSC recipient and so much more until a more experienced paratrooper pointed that out to me.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, which in war can happen.
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