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Cesarian-era swords

Long-time Greco-Roman history enthusiast, new to RAT and re-enactment in general. I am VERY IMPRESSED with the depth of knowledge and passion that I see here on the Great to be here. Currently, don't have the funds or the time to seriously think about starting a kit, however, I cannot sate my interests with looking only. Of all Roman equipment I love, I tend to be most interested in swords and helmets. I have been reading much on swords recently, and hope to begin a collection, that may someday augment a kit should I find the $$ and time necessary to make it worthwhile.

Because I'm such a fan of the late-Republican/Civil War era, I've been trying to find as much information as possible on swords and helmets, and equipment in general, from this period. Needless to say, it has been difficult! I've tried searching around, and read some very good information and opinion regarding some of these topics, and as well, I did pick up a copy of Roman Military Equipment by Bishop and Coulston and have read a bit about what we know of the gladius hispanus, delos sword, so on and so forth. Nevertheless, I am still a noob, which is why I would like to ask for any opinions, information, other examples that anyone might be kind enough to share.

How would these two swords fare in terms of accuracy to the "Cesarian"/late-Republican period? I know (or at least think I know) that there are no concrete examples from the exact period to use, and these two swords are reconstructed using various design/themes from more than one sword, correct?



Well, glad to be here, and thank you for any info in advance.


Welcome to RAT! I'd say you're making a good start. Both of those look great to me. The one with the fancier scabbard is copied from the Ljubljanica find, very drool-worthy. I'm not certain of the dating of either of those, but I *think* mid-first century BC is not unrealistic.

Now, I tend to prefer a little waisting on a hispaniensis blade, like my own Mark Morrow blade:

But straight edges are fine. (My belt parts are from Numantia, so a bit earlier than my scabbard and hilt!)

You should try to find a Roman group in your general area to play with! They may be able to lend you clothing and gear until you can get yourself outfitted.

Have fun!

Matthew Amt (Quintus)
Legio XX, USA
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Wow, that is one beautiful sword.

Laurel, eh? I'm actually in Northern VA. Lots of groups around the area, I wonder?

Thanks for the info!

As Matthew says the one with the most decorative scabbard is taken from the Ljubljanica sword from Slovenia, however having said that whoever did the re-construction of it missed out by not including the snake heads decorations that are in the region of the suspension rings.
When I did a copy of it I used the Janka Istenic write up on the sword, which gives a very good history of the finding of it with all the measurements drawings and photographs of the sword.
Brian Stobbs
Yes, I have noticed that detail too Brian. One reason I am still not in possession of a scabbard or a Hilt on my 2 morrow blades! You design was the inspiration for me orderin them Matt! They are very nice, one being very sharp....!!
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Hi! I'm new here, this is my first post, but I've been diving in the forum for more than a year. RAT is amazing, i am learning a lot.
I'm thinking on making a Second Punic War roman legionary impression, so I'm looking for all the Gladius Hispanienis available. Mathews's one looks really good, how much would one of this Mark Morrows gladius be? Another option is the one from Armillum made in India by Daniyal Steelscrafts (, it also looks very good. There are also these two ones in the thread, by Deepeka. ¿Are there more options in the market? ¿What do you think of these products? Thanks!

Edu Vazquez
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Eduardo Vázquez

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