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Helmets ID from Plate
I'm trying to track down where these helmets have come from. This plate was printed in The Wars of the Ancient Greeks by Hanson. Since it's a layman's book it doesn't go into too much detail about these helmet -- not even individual descriptions -- and the only thing in the bibliography points to the Bridgeman Art Library, which wasn't very helpful either. I recognize the petasos, the helmet in the center comes from a vase painting, and the bottom right from a mid-2nd century Seleukid coin. The others, I have no idea of. Any details would be appreciated.
I don't want to sound too harsh,but if you want my opinion,it doesn't worth it to try and find where these drawings are based on,because they're so loosely based! It's a shame these were in one of Hanson's book! These are taken from 18th century drawings of mythical greek scenes where they were drawing whatever seemed nice to them.
The petasos resembles real artifacts,but it isn't completely right.
Giannis K. Hoplite
a.k.a.:Giannis Kadoglou
[Image: -side-1.gif]
Yannis is probably right but I am tempted to say:

Top left: Athena statue in National museum
Top center: petasos from Parthenon relief Britisish Museum
Top right: Red faced pottery from Metropolitan museum New York
Center: Red faced pottery from the Vatican Museum (a trumpeteer if memory serves me right)
Middle left: Helmet of Athena in Piraeus Museum
Bottom left: Ex Axel Guttman collection
Sorry I cannot remember bottom left and bottom center.

Kind regards
Damn. I was really hoping someone could point out the bottom left. I imagine that they are actually real because a few are known to me. We're getting closer and closer to developing our Hellenistic generals in Europa Barbarorum II and helmets are going to be one of the big eye-catching features. So now I'm worried about finding enough helmets. Would such a helmet as on the bottom left be any worse than us on the team taking a base model and adding our own designs?

Does anyone know of a book or a website that has a gallery of the Guttman collection? It's so frustrating trying to do this with so many helmets published in German and Russian books that I'll never see.

What about that helmets database that was being worked on here at RAT?
Bottom right helmet is probably sketched from coin of Tryphon, Seleucid usurper from the second century B.C.



Sekunda used it to represent one of headgears for cavalryman in his book about Seleucid late armies (Table 6a).
Mateusz ?obacz

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