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Gladiators: Back from the Dead
Found on the website:

Gladiators: Back from the Dead
Monday 14 June
9:00pm - 10:00pm
Channel 4 (UK)
Documentary recreating the world of the Roman arena and revealing how six gladiators lived, fought and died. The programme follows archaeologists and forensic anthropologists as they analyse dozens of Roman skeletons found in Britain over recent years.

I will watch that
Memmia AKA Joanne Wenlock.
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And here: ... m-the-dead - with pic
And something on Youtube:
It looks good, members of Britannia took part in this documentary! I was the Secutor!!

Simon Barnes :| <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_neutral.gif" alt=":|" title="Neutral" />:|
Did they teach you how to do those slo-mo, Hong Kong leaps?
Pecunia non olet
Haha! :lol:

The slo-mo leaps were a very stylized trademark of this documentary.
The art dept wanted the effect of the "camera seeing every dent & stitch"

It was good fun and they wanted Britannia because of our provincial looking kit, which was exactly the look we're trying to cultivate Big Grin .
They wanted British looking arena, you know, muddy looking sand and with lots of rain on kit that looks like it's been used in all weathers of Rome's backwater, not mirror-finish equipment in the amphitheatres of Rome & Capua on the Emperor's birthday in the hot Mediterranean sun.

We delivered, crew happy!

The documentary has a few interesting revelations too!

The put Dan Shadrake in with a Tiger, apparently he kept calling 'here kitty kitty' which upset the animal trainer and made the tiger go all silly Big Grin
Britannia with one trial green-screen background
Wow! I can't wait to watch this!
- Ryan
Nice report on Driffield Terrace in the Independent today:
Excellent article, and I look forward to the TV programme with great anticipation. Thanks for the post, Viventius! Big Grin
Ben Kane, bestselling author of the Eagles of Rome, Spartacus and Hannibal novels.

Eagles in the Storm released in UK on March 23, 2017.
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Gone rather international now, with various interviews for BBC Boston (US) New Zealand Radio and upcoming on CNN 8) This on top of various radio and tv slots in the UK. So look out for these on a tv/radio near you!
I came across this article: ... -graveyard

When reading this it seems to me that either they are talking about venatores (beast fighters) or noxi (condemned criminals). To me it sounds unlikely that a gladiator has a well trained right (sword) arm because as I can tell from my own experience a gladiator needs also a well trained left (shield) arm. To me this sounds more like a laborer of monotonous work such as a smith or any other craftsman etc. or a field worker.

Decapitation and hammer blows also point towards noxi because gladiators acc. to Junkelmann did not receive the hammer blow but only the noxi. Scars of animal bites of large carnivores point towards venatores or also noxi. Burial objects point to venatores as it would be unlikely that condemned criminals would receive a proper funeral.

PS: Could anyone of you how gets Channel 4 record the documentary on DVD for me. Please send me a PN.
Slightly different preview footage - includes introduction to each type of gladiator: ... 0349533001
The documentary will also appear on National Geographic at some point, if that helps.

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