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Reconstructed Persian weapons
It is 500 to 490 BC so it might well represent the the battle of Marathon.
Herodotos in Marathon speaks only of the Sakes (plural) - most probably Saka.
Greeks probably knew the difference "high hat Saka" and "khaoma drinker Saka" of the Persians
But i feel these guys are Persians based on the very stylized depiction of the "fallen tiara"

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Thanks for the date.
I don't think there is anything that points these out as Persian, they look very much like the typical Greek depiction of a Skythian.
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Is a mater of interpretation of course but since I have seen lots of Scythians in contemporary art (550 to 480) I am invlined to think that the
"stylisized" hats here depict the "side-thrown" Persian tiara even if the rest of the clothes look very Scythian.
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Marvelous discussion. Thanks for all the insights. Please pardon my ignorance on these matters but what ever happened to the interpretation of the Sagaris being mounted transverse, or sideways? And what happened to the Wicker Gerron (gerra if you prefer Xenophon's terminology) shield?

My thoughts on the Persian helmet confusion are that perhaps they wore the sort of crown/semi helmet that the Assyrian nobles are often depicted as wearing. This would easily be unseen under the tiara/hood, and could eventually be blured into the more modern definition of a tiara. But I have always left open to possibility that they did not have helmets at all as Herodotus mentions the 'soft skulled' persians if memory serves and this could be viewed as meaning helmetless.


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