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"Meet John Trow" by Tom Dyja
I just saw this intriguing book and saw some relevance, though I haven't read it yet. Heck, too bad he's not a Roman. Anyone out there having trouble with the time transition from first century to 21st?<br>
"Steven Armour, though only forty, is already fighting off a midlife crisis-his once-brilliant career fizzling, his marriage going stale, his inner life taking strange, disorienting turns. Then, on an impulse, Steven joins a group of Civil War reenactors, and much to his own and everyone else's amazement, his life suddenly turns around. Assigned to portray a Connecticut private named John Trow, Steven throws himself into the weekend exercises with a zeal and confidence he never knew he possessed. He effortlessly masters the Union Army's complex drills, he bonds with the other men in his regiment, and he becomes infatuated, and then passionately obsessed with Polly Kellogg, the regiment captain's wife. Indeed, so thoroughly does Steven Armour embrace the ghostly life of Civil War Private John Trow that his own identity begins to slip through his fingers with deadly consequences" <p></p><i></i>
Richard Campbell
Legio XX - Alexandria, Virginia
RAT member #6?

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