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Johannes Kromayer, Georg Veith - Antike Schlachtfelder

whoever did have the chance to read one of Kromayer and Veiths 4 books on ancient battlefields, inlcuding 39 wonderful maps, can understand the pain I feel, that these books are not available. I am in discussion with the publisher who holds the rights to these books and they are interested in a small reprint, around 200 sets of all four books, given that they can garner the interest of roughly 20 people willing to pre-order this.
So if anyone out there is interested in getting a copy including the maps for around 400 Euro, please do contact me though e-mail (brueckner_andreas'at' or write the publisher directly (customerservice'a' It would be really nice, in the latter case, if you could copy me in the e-mail, so that I have a chance to track how whether there is sufficient interest for me to hope for a re-print.

Johannes Kromayer, Georg Veith - Antike Schlachtfelder. 4 Bände. LVIII/2515 pages. Subskriptionspreis € 399,20 (Ladenpreis € 512,00)

Best, Andreas

Have a look here and here and here. IIRC it is not the complete set of 4 volumes, the maps are not included and a few of the pages are illegible, but at least a substantial part of this monumental work is online and for free.

Thanks Alexandr,

In fact I do have original copies of those two as well as the one dealing with the punic battlefields in africa. However, the copyright on the other two will expire around 2021 or something like that and I am really interested. Also the maps are pretty important to me.

This said, again thanks for pointing this pages two me - I downloaded a copy to my laptop for reference reading while traveling.

Best, Andreas
There is "supposedly" a reprint in the works by OLMS, but they have been resistant to any other details about it. As of 2011, there has been no response to academic inquiries about the reprint. I have personally been trying to get a response for over a year and a half now. It seems questionable, but I certainly hope that they do issue a reprint.

There is the possibility of another publisher picking up the general idea of doing a multi-volume work on "battlefields". Several scholars have been discussing the possibility for a little over a year. Presently a formal proposal is being put together to acquire a publisher.
Dan Powers
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Napoleon V published a version with (fold-out) reproductions of the maps. For sale via Karwansaray:

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine

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