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2,500 year old lost Persian army found
Quote:I think T.J. Cornell puts it well:
Quote:if you ask a silly question, you get a silly answer.
Indeed, well said. It is of course, often, worse: archaeology is used to make political claims, which are founded on texts. Fortunately, there's no direct political aspect to Cambyses' army.
Jona Lendering
Relevance is the enemy of history
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#17 point being that not many Persian armies numbering in the thousands set off for Siwa during that period.....
Well, we also thought that we knew from the available sources than no Roman armies ventured very far east into Germany after the early 1st century. And lo and behold, there's that new battlefield than no-one believed could exist.

Jona is right, the sources cannot be trusted to descrive all and everything.

Quote:There may have been numerous expeditions into the western desert about which we do not know.
Isn't there a find in the Himalaya of a group of people (army?) surprised by the weather and reduced to bones?
Robert Vermaat
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(Maurikios-Strategikon, book VIII.2: Maxim 12)
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David Meadows investigated the case; pretty damaging for the press, actually, which simply forgot to check the facts.
Jona Lendering
Relevance is the enemy of history
My website

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