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Sorry Stefanos and all,
V-Kontakte requires registration like facebook. The registration page is here
and requires

First Name:
Sex: (which is optional.) Wink
Peter Raftos
I'm Andrew from "Anabasis", S-Pb Russia.

The webnet needs registration, for if it's problematic, we made our LGpage
Here you can find some photos, also, I will try to double the information with my poor English :oops: Big Grin
Lovchikov Andrey. "ANABASIS" reanactment society, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Sapcibo bolsoi Andrei.

The new link you provided is great. For translation I will ask my wife.

Kind regards
???????) nezachto :wink: )

For as now we have visitirors, I'll try to provide it with more information)
Lovchikov Andrey. "ANABASIS" reanactment society, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Yay you made it! This is better than the United Nations! Stefanos. I cheat and use the Google translator. Certainly not as good as a native speaker but very helpful.
Peter Raftos
Well I am sure that we have many more members with language skills or....access to them :mrgreen:

P.S. ??? ????????? ?????.??? ?? ????????? ??,??? ???????,?? ?????? ????? ?????? ??????? ?? ?????????? ? ????????!!!?????? ????
??? ?????? ???? ???????. (trn. Friendly advice -always use both languages Olga says as I try to learn languages)
Sorry had to print this - wife stands over me with cast-iron frying pan! :twisted:

Kind regards
My wife had a Russian grandmother - I swear the use of a frying pan must be genetic.LOL
Peter Raftos
"P.S. ??? ????????? ?????.??? ?? ????????? ??,??? ???????,?? ?????? ????? ?????? ??????? ?? ?????????? ? ????????!!!?????? ????
??? ?????? ???? ???????."

??????, ?????? ?????? ?? ??????))) (Your russian is good) Smile

I've already told - I would double all the information in English. This LJ page was made specially for this. After we'd met Agesistratos on youtube, we decided that it will be good to our foreign reanactors-friends to have an information about what it is happening here, in S-Pb, in useful form (without any registrations in russian networks and in English)
Also, we'll try to write down on the Ljnotonly the news, but also, some articles about the bosporian reanactment. It will be much more difficult, but we'll try to provide articles with a translation Smile
Lovchikov Andrey. "ANABASIS" reanactment society, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Hello and welcome,

good to see somebody whos interessted in thracian reenactment too. Big Grin

lg Stephan
Stephan Eitler
Strat?latai Tagma
Late Roman/Byzantine
Strat?latai Tagma1060 (plus Variangians etc.)
Defensores 500s
City guard 1453
Rick Orli
<a class="postlink" href=""> ... saries.htm
<a class="postlink" href="">
The Frying Pan is also used in the American South as well. The women here favor a large pan and throwing techniques. Confusedhock: :lol:
Craig Bellofatto

Going to college for Massage Therapy. So reading alot of Latin TerminologyWink

It is like a finger pointing to the moon. DON\'T concentrate on the finger or you miss all the heavenly glory before you!-Bruce Lee

Train easy; the fight is hard. Train hard; the fight is easy.- Thai Proverb
From Poland - Hellas et Roma [url:346yupaj][/url]
Peter Raftos
Quote:From Poland - Hellas et Roma
As a member of Hellas et Roma and (new) user of RAT I must mension that our newest project is to recreate a group of 4-5 greek hoplites and a few skirmishers on universary of Marathon. It's a ambitiuos and hard task, as we have no personal experience, limited funds and few time. But we hope the passion will prevail. 8) Next month we should start to make armours from linen, the rest of equipment will be ordered from India, unfortunatelly.

Website is old, we are working on actualization- including movies from our gladiatorial fights.
Mateusz ?obacz
Bravo Avtandil !
Peter Raftos
Moderator Alert!!

Can this be "stickied"? I spent some time looking for this. (Everytime I try to search, the forum goes wonky - me or the internet? - I don't want to find out.)
Cheryl Boeckmann

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