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Muscled Cuirass
Some new information- I've just been generously provided with data by fellow RATer 'The Oracle' from a 1989 exhibition listing thicknesses for a number of muscle cuirasses- they seem to vary from 1mm-1.5 or even 1.7mm, so they're not actually as thin as I calculated or is otherwise theorized. That means your reconstruction Matt, is indeed quite reasonable Smile It stands to reason the areas that are thinner are the dished bits (pectorals, obliques) and the thicker are the little-worked sections, although I wonder just how the more central areas were measured- it may be that the variation was other than due to the hammer, so to me it seems 'safest' to work with the thinner end material (1mm or so). The difference in weight Matt reported and the original artifact weight I wasn't able to account fully for must be due to the relatively small size of the originals (the average is around 41cm in height, and my test piece, sized to fit me, is 55cm) and the difficulty determining the actual area of a relatively odd-shaped object. I guess the only way to rationalize the problem is to make an actual-size recreation- which is less fun since it can't be worn LOL
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Yes, we were smaller back then! :mrgreen:
Hmmmmmm, 41cm eh? I'm not much off that. In fact thats my measurement from top of sturnum to about the waist band on my pants. :o
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One of the best i have seen so far Matt !!

Great work!

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Katte Kabuto no O wo shimeyo!

Ave and Happy Holidays to All,

Just a quick question: Why, all of a sudden, can one NOT print out the photos? I was hoping to print out photos of the musculata so as to show my Spouse, but for some reason, I find that the Photos will not print out. The same problem exists with the thread on the Thracian helm. If I am the only one experiencing this problem, just PM me so as not to take up valuable space. Until then,
Vitruvius, a.k.a Larry Mager
Larry A. Mager
It works fine for me Larry, so isn't a forum issue specifically
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Ave Matt,
Just got your post and I am going to check with the local branch librarian. I'm using a different branch and it may be just at this branch, Anyway, please keep me informed.
Salve and Thanks,
Larry A. Mager a.k.a. Vitruvius Big Grin
Larry A. Mager
Oh well a public computer could have restrictions on what can be seen, printed, etc. so it's likely the library's system that's being a bit finicky.
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