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RAT medals & nominations
To restart our tradition of recognizing outstanding members on Romanarmytalk, Matt Lukes and I have decided to award the Crista Transversa to Justin of the New Yorkii and Titus Juventius Tertius. The former is in response to a nomination for this medal, which segues nicely into 'Medal nominations'. Members should note that apart from the 'Laudes/karma' system, they can show their appreciation of excellent members by nominating them for a medal. Click the member's username to go to their profile page and then click 'Nominate medal'. This nomination will be visible to moderators and administrators only, who will then be able to check these nominations and award the medals if they are in agreement.

Please feel free to use this nomination system, it allows for a much more 'democratic' way of awarding the medals than before.

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
As I said in my PM a moment ago... I should say something intelligent and extraordinary... but I don't know what to say. So thank you to those that found me worthy of a medal! Congratulations to Justin of the New Yorkii as well! Well deserved!
"It is the brave man\'s part to live with glory, or with glory die."
- Nomen: (T.J. Young)
Congratulations to you both on your medals, guys!

I would like to nominate Jesper D for the corona muralis (if that's the appropriate award). In the Rome versus Pyrrhus thread, especially, Jesper D has demonstrated a real grasp of the problematical ancient sources and alerted fellow RATers to the limitations of the sources in the reconstruction of the organisation of the army of early Republican Rome.


Hello I like to nominate Peter Raftos for a award. Peter is very generious individual who always share information and ideas with all. Peter by his sharing allows others to improve there knowledge of history and re-enactment.

Peter has assist me and numerous others on research and sourcing information and think he be a worth winner.

Part full disclosure I privaleged to call Peter a friend of mone.

Craig Gascoigne
Isn't it nicer to keep the nominations silent, and use the system Jasper describes? The people who are nominated, will be even more surprised!
Jona Lendering
Relevance is the enemy of history
My website
Yeah, please do use the method outlined in my first post. It's a better and more permanent way of keeping track of nominations. This announcement will revert to a normal thread in due course.

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine

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