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Oudenburg (Belgium) - reopening of the museum
Fectio was in Oudenburg last Saturday, for the first regular day of the re-opened Roman Archaeological Museum after a 4-year rebuilding project. It was all very very new. No grass yet outside, unpainted concrete ceilings, but also a very modern multi-media approach combined with a (mostly) very well-presented collection. Much Late Roman stuff of course, which was one of the reasons for us being there. :mrgreen: Not too many visitors, because of the very good weather and the close proximity of the Belgian coast - museums are for grey days.. Not that we complained, we had our sunhats with us and 'Fumus' the draco flew his purple tail with glee!

A very pleasant surprise was the visit of fellow-member Luc de Vos (Lucius Vulpes) (Scales the fast Way, remember?) who came just to see us. Luc gave me a very interesting tour of the museum witha lot of background info. Thanks again Luc, your replicas look really awesome!

Andreas (Chariovalda) educating the hard way - dressing the visitors up in kilos of equipment.
[Image: FectioInOudenburg15.jpg]

The sun is out and so is Jeroen (Hieronymus), playing with 'Fumus' the draco.
[Image: FectioInOudenburg18.jpg]

Luc (If he falls from the picture as he does on my screen, click here) with his creations which he made for the Oudenburg museum.
[Image: FectioInOudenburg25.jpg]

Yrs truly with another of our 'victims'.
[Image: FectioInOudenburg5.jpg]
Robert Vermaat
FECTIO Late Romans
(Maurikios-Strategikon, book VIII.2: Maxim 12)
[Image: artgroepbutton.jpg]
Nice the late IVe-Ve century museum non-human model!
Paulus Claudius Damianus Marcellinus / Damien Deryckère.

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[Image: bandeau2008miniyi4.jpg]

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Visited the museum yesterday.
Lots of finds, nicely displayed.
The only downside iz, the comments are all in Dutch Sad
TiTvS Philippvs/Filip
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Hoi Robert,

a bit late to answer, it was great to meet you guys, and the museum has still to grow, years of work on the finds, 5 centurys of millitary ocupation, 5 different forttresses, in one dump pit there are more than 290 000 pieces of earthware found, the restauration people are now sortings these out and have already made complete objects, they will be bussy for years.

I will pas the message on the language to the museum


Luc De Vos

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