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New Ancient Swastika Display/ Discussion Rule
Salvete omnes!

We've added a bit of detail to the rules to address a situation that's come up recently- the realization that display and discussion of the ancient Swastika symbol may actually restrict academics in countries where public display of it in any context is illegal from posting on RAT; teachers are forbidden from being associated with any extremist group, and could indeed be consdered so by even being here by some who know no better and only see the 20th century version, and we want everyone to be able to participate. So to avoid the appearance of any impropriety, we're simply stating specifically what was basically included in the illegal topics heading anyway, and adjusting the display to be sure it's not 'public' but private to RAT. Here's the text of the new rule, found in the Rules for Posting now, so have a look:

Swastika Artifacts and Recreations

RAT now recognizes that because the potential controversy and damage possible to academics and others in countries where public display of the Swastika is illegal, it is appropriate for us to have a formal policy regarding it. The Swastika is a very old symbol and was used by the Romans, thus is completely appropriate to discuss on RAT in an ancient context, however to be sure nothing unintentionally negative comes of such discussions the following rules are to be observed:

1)Images of ancient artifacts and recreations are hereby only allowed as RAT attachments, i.e. using the Upload Attachment function while writing a new post, so they are not publically visible, but only to registered, logged-in RAT members. They cannot be posted as externally-hosted images, since these are publically visible to anyone visiting RAT. Images not complying will be removed and the poster advised to re-post them correctly.

2)Displays should not be excessive- i.e., beyond what can be immediately shown to be correct; if one wishes to show a recreation of a tunica with two Swastikas, and two Swastika fibulae together, for example, he/she must be prepared to demonstrate that such multiple usage is historically-accurate. Moreover, artifacts and recreations should be identified- describing the source of the material in terms of date, location, etc. so they can indeed be shown to be actual ancient objects (but do bear in mind the looted objects rule as well).

3)Discussion of the symbol is restricted to its proper, ancient context only and any other discussion will likewise be removed by moderators- including questions about modern laws and opinions about its appropriety for use. These invariably lead to different rule violations, and are not relevant
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