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Christianity in the roman empire.
Quote:So if someone could tell me who was the first pontiff or even their views on the matter of first pope I would be greatfull.
As Dardanus already pointed out, that question is impossible to answer, because no sources exist that are clear on the matter. The last emperors to use the title of 'Pontifex Maximus' are Valentinian, Valens, and Gratianus. Gratian actually renounced the title. Theodosius referred to Damasus (bishop of Rome) as a pontifex (and to the bishop of Alexandria 'only' as episcopus). But it was not a title that remained fixed from then on, the use was irregular and personal. It only became a title later, and no-one is sure when exactly because no source tells us so. The process of the bishop of Rome becoming the first man in Catholic Christianity (not in Christianity as a whole as you well know) was a long and complicated one, not put down on paper alas.

That means this part of your question cannot be answered.
Robert Vermaat
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(Maurikios-Strategikon, book VIII.2: Maxim 12)
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Understood. Thank you to Vortigern Studies for this. I now know this but if you can excuse my ignorance, what is 'episcopus'?
Conor Maher
Quote:... what is 'episcopus'?
posted by Duncan B Campbell
Ah, understood. Thank you.
Conor Maher

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