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How extensivly were clubs used as weapons by the germans and gauls against the Romans or by auxiliary troops and mercenaries? I've been interested in recreating a few examples for reenactments/display. Does anyone know of any depictions of clubs from the roman era?
Bare-chested warriors, presumably German, and sometimes idnetified as Aestii tribesmen are depicted on Trajan's column wielding a single-handed club and carrying oval shields.....
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Here is my first attempt
It does not seem like the club has evolved much through history, but if anyone has any advice to make it more distinctly germanic, i;d be grateful.

I used forged iron nails for the studs

Looks like it would raise a lump on somebody's head, all right. I have a piece of wood I'm making into one, too. It has the root knob on the end of it. I'm planning to smooth it down and put a hand grip on the other end. Maybe a wrist thong, too.
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