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Looking for a new Greek Corinthian helmet, any ideas?
I am not sure if this is in the right section. I am looking for a new Greek Corinthian style helmet, preferably in brass, under $200. Anyone know where I can find something like that? I have seen a lot of the generic ones on the market today, and I have considered a Deepeeka helm, but I want to know if there any better deals out there. Thanks for the help!
(sorry if this is in the wrong section!)
Nathaniel Wuorio.
Hi Achilleion and welcome!
No it's not in the wrong section,but there are many threads already about the same subject. In the beginners' section there's this thread about this helmet I like a lot more than the deepeeka:
Giannis K. Hoplite
a.k.a.:Giannis Kadoglou
[Image: -side-1.gif]
Thanks a lot! I really like the look of that helmet, with a little work, and a new crest, I think it will be really nice. And it's a great price! Thanks again.
Nathaniel Wuorio.

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