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roman medical diet
Does anyone has a good (prefer english or dutch) source about
the diet that was given to wounded soldiers and stuff?
i'm also looking for the most used medical tools in the army.
I tried to find Davies but couldn't find his books about roman medici in the army.

thanks Big Grin
gratias vobis ago,


Again I'd advise you to go through the (translated) works of Celsus and Galen.
As for Davies, did you try university libraries - generally they allow access for non-students also.
Mark Grant's book "Galen On Food and Diet" is widely available.

As for the most used tools, I'd have thought cauteries, clamps,scalpels, bone levers, retractors and spathomele...lots of spathomele.
"Medicus" Matt Bunker

thanks Big Grin especially for the book, i'll try to get it

for Martin : thank you as well Big Grin
I looked and i couldn't found an avaible copy of it so i'm
going to get it delivered from another university if that's possible ofc
gratias vobis ago,



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