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14 yr old reenactor??? Please help!
I am 14 years old :? o . Obviously in roman times I would not be a legionary and cannot participate in reenactions but am still working on making myself some armor. My parents aren't really into history and kinda don't approve. They still let me do all the stuff but aren't into it.
Basically I'm asking for advice.
I just ordered three 20 sq ft segments of 4 oz leather for a little over $3.50 a segment. I have designs for caligae and am going to make the furca with the bag at the end this weekend(click here for my drawings(I also have scale plans for caligae and a lorica)). My grandma is a sewing wizard so I am going to ask her to help me with a tunica, cape, and subarmalis. Obviously the lorica segmentata, the helmet, the scutum, and possibly the pilum with have to wait. The gladius and the pugio I can make with little difficulty as I have been making knives for quite a while. The only issue might be its authenticity.
Please give any constructive criticism or hints you might have.
Justinus Aquilaea
[size=150:32ikubuj]Justinus Aquilaea
(Alex Muñoz)
4oz leather is a bit too light for caligae, though it will be good for a marching bag. For caligae you really need 8-9oz leather for the uppers. I've put more information on their construction here:

Titus Licinius Neuraleanus
aka Lee Holeva
Conscribe te militem in legionibus, vide mundum, inveni terras externas, cognosce miros peregrinos, eviscera eos.
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[size=150:32ikubuj]Justinus Aquilaea
(Alex Muñoz)
Hey, fourteen isn't too young to start. Most of the original members of Legio V Alaudae started at about your age. Granted, our armor was either chainmail or aluminum flashing segmentatas, but it was still fun. We've now become a lot more accurate, but are still the young guys. Oh, and before a mod comes around and mentions it, you should have your real name in your signature. Anyway, good luck with getting a kit together! Once you have the caligae, bealtus, and tunic, you should try to get out to an event. Most groups can supply you with an extra set of armor to use for the event. And events are lots of fun! If you can manage to convince someone to take you, there is an event in just over a week in South Carolina. has all the info you might need on that. Once again, good luck!
(Steven Bulman)

Member of Legio V Alaudae
Thanks so much! I live near the event so I will try to make it!
[size=150:32ikubuj]Justinus Aquilaea
(Alex Muñoz)
Awesome! I look forward to seeing you there! I will be one of the nefarious barbarians, and probably one of the gladiators scheduled to fight in the arena for your pleasure!! (^_^)
(Steven Bulman)

Member of Legio V Alaudae
I too, started re-enactment when I was that young (just before I got 14) and my parents weren't into history either.

Just don't want to go to fast. It would be nice to have a set of armor, but you're on the right track. Start with getting shoes, tunics etc and don't start buying a lorica, as you'll grow and then it wouldn't fit anymore (and still was very expensive).

Good luck on making all this. As you've made knives, I'm sure you'll manage to get a nice mess-kit and off-duty clothing together!
Jvrjenivs Peregrinvs Magnvs / FEBRVARIVS
A.K.A. Jurjen Draaisma
CORBVLO and Fectio
yeah, I agree with Jurjen

Take your time, work up your "soft kit" first - caligae, tunic, belt. Then add things like a cloak, a few spare tunics (maybe a long-sleeved tunic for those cold-weather days), and keep working on your marching pack stuff.

you can start to save some money for a helmet, pugio, or gladius.

One of Leg III's new/young members started his kit essentially by making an accurate Scutum shield, using Leg XX's information. He did a fantastic job, and has even made a shield cover - And we're jealous 'cause we all want covers now! Big Grin

he's now made his own belt and other bits and pieces.

anyway, good luck and have fun!!
Andy Volpe
"Build a time machine, it would make this [hobby] a lot easier."
Legion III Cyrenaica ~ New England U.S.
Higgins Armory Museum 1931-2013 (worked there 2001-2013)
(Collection moved to Worcester Art Museum)
thanks so much every one! I am probably going too fast and should start more slow. Thanks!
[size=150:32ikubuj]Justinus Aquilaea
(Alex Muñoz)
I should mention, if you havent already visit the Legion XX website , Matt Amt has some really good articles there.
I agree that 14 is NOT too young to start out, I started Civil War when I was 9 or 10 as a civilian. FYI I believe there is (in the image base no less) a tombstone for a soldier who had served since age 15. Start making things, and dont forget to have fun.
aka., John Shook
yeah im 17 and im starting roman reenacting i did american Civil war 76th OVI. first was a civilian then a drummer boy and currently infantry ^_^
Dan DeLuca



Being a dad of 2 Roman freaks aged 8 and 11, I have some experience in making stuff. My choice of metal was aluminium, since it it much lighter to carry, and easier to use in manufactoring. OK, it isn't authentic, but it looks great when polished and I dare the one to take a first look and say just that.

One of the members of legio II will teach me how to make a lorica segmentata for non adults (see the postings on that item). Once I know all that, I will be happy to share what to do and, more important, learn from my mistakes.

Paul, dad of Nick aka Nicus Maximus

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