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"National Roman Legion"
Dan Petersen posted several responses on the Roman Army yahoo group
and it now looks less likely that cooperation to form his vision of a National Legion will be forthcoming. He was moved to moderated status on that board
after his posts. It is a shame that Dan didn't start off with a more conciliatory tone with his website and promote his ideas a little less forcefully. As I pointed out in a previous post it takes a Group of qualified individuals to put together a "National" organization not just one person.
John Kaler MSG, USA Retired
Member Legio V (Tenn, USA)
Staff Member Ludus Militus
Owner Vicus and Village:
Magnus:gm4263a8 Wrote:I think everyone should just join my legion. I'll induct you all as honorary Canadians by making you go swimming in a pool filled with beer, and eat peameal bacon with maple syrup in an igloo.

Throw in unlimited poutine, beer and some cutely accented lovely young ladies, and we might talk... :lol: :lol:

First Adam, your avatar rocks. Second, I've already got the beer pool covered...poutine is no problem and I think I can round up a few lasses for ya.

John, too bad about the national legion thing and Dan's replies...that type of thing has already been done here on RAT. :?

But let's keep what happens in Vegas. I don't want that stupid, rediculous mess (I just read most of it) spilling over to here.
It amazes me how quickly stupid people are out-breeding the smart ones.

"The greatest impediment of all is the square-jawed, flat-talking Tatum, who is so wooden he presents a fire hazard." - The Toronto Star on Channing Tatum in "The Eagle".

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I am surprised it took as long as it did for DP to unholster his sidearm and empty the clip into his foot.

I have a great deal of respect for many of Dan's projects and am personally very appreciative and thankful for the impact and benefits they've had on the hobby of Roman reenactment.

That being said, I deplore much of his personal conduct online with regards his constant belittlement and personal attacks on other reenactors. I myself hold very strong opinions on reenactment philosophies, but I don't have the hubris to believe that my own views are the One True Way for anyone but myself.

I wish him well in his pursuit of the goal of a National Legion, but fear that his penchant for mud-slinging and name calling would be better used in the American electoral process than in building a group of like-minded hobbyissts.
Adam MacDonald

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This post has been removed by the author. I do not see a point to being on a forum where moderators such as Matt Lanteigne aka Magnus can practice harassment and hypocritical behavior. RAT seems to have slipped into a place where people of this ilk can do or say whatever they want AND since he's a moderator, I guess it's all okay w/ the forum owners. Good luck, but I am done here.
a.k.a.: Marsh Wise
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Alteris renumera duplum de quoquo tibi numeraverunt

"A fondness for power is implanted in most men, and it is natural to abuse it when acquired." -- Alexander Hamilton

"Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress.... But then I repeat myself." ~Mark Twain

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(Oooh, Marshall, you cannot use an icky modern QR code, it is against all policies and rules.)
Quote:Oh yeah, I believe in red tunica, not white... [throws greasy work glove on the ground as if it were a gauntlet]

What period? :wink:
TARBICvS/Jim Bowers
Quote:I DO have to say, I'm suspicious of people who WISH to be in charge -- especially of big events, which are NOTHING but headaches :!:

I have to agree with this. I am In the Army and know what you mean. The only reason I'm the Optio for my little group is because I lost at rock, paper, scicors. So I had to be in charge. Oh well stuff happens.
Tiberius Antonius Festus

Bryan Fitch

The Roman Army is on the march trough Texas! :twisted: <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_twisted.gif" alt=":twisted:" title="Twisted Evil" />:twisted:
Quote:I DO have to say, I'm suspicious of people who WISH to be in charge -- especially of big events, which are NOTHING but headaches. If they actually SEEK out this pain...

Well now I certainly agree that there are people who seek out leadership positions for all the wrong reasons. However, there are others who are solution-oriented and are able to see how all the disparate parts fit together. I believe problem solvers do far better than glory-seekers -- and they're probably more palatable as well!

My personal philosophy on leadership is that leaders are there to serve their constituents: following up, motivating and encouraging. Yes, it's a position that can elicit more than a few headaches when the tasks are complex, but most satisfying when the event has come off and everyone's had a good time.
Iulia Sempronia (Sara Urdahl)
Officium ante Proprium Bonum
While I think the idea of a national legion is intriguing, I don't think that there are enough Roman reenactors in North America to make it happen. Even if we got everybody in the hobby together, we still wouldn't have more than a couple hundred. The time, effort, and money involved with keeping an organization like that afloat wouldn't be worth it.

I think Sean's got the right idea with Legio VI. Gallio of Legio XXIV also has some regional units on the East half of the US. If we actually reach a critical mass, then I think we can think about a national organization, but until then, I think the small ones work just fine.

My 2 denarii. Big Grin
Sulpicia Lepdinia
Legio XX
Quote:I think everyone should just join my legion. I'll induct you all as honorary Canadians by making you go swimming in a pool filled with beer, and eat peameal bacon with maple syrup in an igloo.

We're going to have a population explosion here if that's the initiation rite LOL
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What? An explosion of the populations waist line? Tongue
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Quote:I am surprised it took as long as it did for DP to unholster his sidearm and empty the clip into his foot.

I really like his idea of a national legion, or perhaps something lesser which a bunch of associated legions are a part of. That being said, Dan probably should not be the person running it. His personal and organizational skills appear to leave something to be desired. Being insulted by Dan is almost a rite of passage in roman reenacting. Having both corresponded by email and spoken to him in person, I get the impression that he feels that he owns roman reenacting and that anyone else taking a leadership position in the hobby is taking something away from him. Many of us in the so-called "mini-legions" are not there by choice, we would rather be part of a larger legion. It takes time, money, and alot of work to grow. We do the best that we can for the love of the hobby.
Titus Licinius Neuraleanus
aka Lee Holeva
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I'm all for an association that cover North America.
Glad to have a unique scutum device that can display individual member's Legion names and numbers...
I'd support it, don't have the time to organize it. We've 15 new recruits to arm up by October and soeveral other new activities..

I am also in favor of Dan getting his LEGIO XIIII off the ground. I'd be glad to see it. That sort of thing just inspires me and lots of my guys to work harder at being better!


You cannot dig ditches in a toga!

A nationwide club with chapters across N America
I agree with most of you. Personally, I think the concept is definately possible, but requires enormous strategic skills and resource management ability and doesn't really work on a pure hobbyist level. Basically if one can do this one could REALLY have his own military legion unit for the effort it would involve. It would also be pretty disappointing for a lot of us as the legion wouldn't be able to involve a lot of us as this type of endeavor would require people who were involved with a project where reenacting is self sustaining as an occupation and is a way of life rather than a hobby which would exclude quite the majority of us currently.
Derek D. Estabrook
Quote:A national group for funding and national events requires the time and efforts of a dedicated group of qualified individuals. Qualifications should include:

1. A lot of time
2. Excellent diplomatic skills
3. An interest in Reenacting
4. Computer skills
5. Good relations with most current active group leaderships
6. Willingness to be tolerant and inclusive and make reasonable compromises.
Not to mention money.
Quote:swimming in a pool filled with beer
Bring on those celtic women..
Richard Campbell
Legio XX - Alexandria, Virginia
RAT member #6?
If any type of National or International Legion is ever going to exist its gonna be a Confederations of sorts, and be a grass roots, bottom up soft power sort of thing.

If its going to form, its going to form around a unit that
not only has it act together historically, with good kit and high
standards, but one that leads by example and encourages others to be
the best they can be with their impressions with out putting people
down, while making each event that they host or participate in fun and challenging. Its going to make people want to come back for more.

Its going to be the unit that everyone else wants to be like and
emulate. Will it necessarily mean that a single Legion unit is picked
or a specific time period, nope, but it'll be International or a
Confederation due to a mindset, values and high standards.
Mike Daniels

Titus Minicius Parthicus

Legio VI FFC.

If not me...who?

If not now...when?
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