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19-22 March, 2009 AD 9 Varus and the Germans
Quote:Oh man... 9AD in March, then the 2,000th anniversay in Germany...Egads I wish I had money and time and a passport to hit both of those

Although they often tell you otherwise, you don't really need a passport to travel from Massachusetts to Arkansas :lol:
(Alexander Kyrychenko)

quando omni flunkus, mortati
2009 A.D. 9
Ancient Re-enacting
Event Information

Join General Publius Quinctilius Varus and the glorious XVII Legion
and Cavalry Leader Arminius on their march to winter Quarters in Germania.
Soldiers and Auxiliaries wishing to muster for the march should be at the frontier fort on March 19–22, 2009,
for a weekend of Ancient Reenacting. The site opens at NOON on March 19 and is located in LAFE, ARKANSAS, on 94 acres of private land.

Since this is also the 2,000th anniversary of the Battle of Teutoberg
forest we will be hosting a reenactment of that famous battle. Reenactors should strive for an impression of
either a Roman, German or Civilian of early 1st century AD. We request each adult
participant to provide $30 registration ($25 pre-registration) for
the evening meals, straw bedding, and firewood. Registration must be postmarked by March 7, 2009, to qualify for the pre-registration rate.

Evening meals for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will be provided by
AD43 Staff.
Other food items are available from the local on site eatery. Roman
military rations will be provided for soldiers to prepare their morning meals on a daily basis.

The following are a few rules for the safety of participants.

Alcohol will be permitted, but there will be no alcohol given to or
consumed by minors (under age 21) at any time.
Campfires will be built only in authorized fire pits.
Campfires will have a "fire watch" at all times. NO UNATTENDED FIRES
Both the Roman group and the Barbarian (German) group will have a
These persons will be responsible for fire prevention and your
safety. In an emergency, please listen to them and be vigilant about the fire risk.
Upon arrival, please sign in and let the staff know if there are any
medical conditions or allergies which we need to know about (beestings, food allergies, diabetes, etc.)
Small children left unattended will be sold as galley slaves; small
children who are supervised will be welcome to stay.
The owner of the land and the staff will not be held responsible for
accidents, injury, or lost items. Please be careful and obey the rules.
All fees will be paid, and waivers and registration forms will be
signed at the front gate before proceeding into the site.
10. All attendees will get dressed out before leaving the gate or
crossing the bridge. A dressing tent will be provided at the gate. (Note that all armor should be polished and in good repair.)

11. This is an Ancient Reenactment event; participants should strive
for authenticity.
You can pitch your modern tent near the parking area, talk your way
into someone's period tent, or just pull up a warm sheepskin next to one
of the campfires.
12. Members of the Castra Lafe staff reserve the right to deny entry
or have persons removed from the property who are in violation of site rules or state or federal laws.
13. Any infraction of the above rules could mean expulsion from the
14. Note the following.
Temperature will typically be in the 40s to 50s during daylight. At
night, it will be colder hence the wool and warm skins (perhaps as cold as 30 degrees).
I personally would suggest three or four wool blankets. Woolen
braccae (short slacks), udones (socks), and wool sagum (cloak) or paenula (hooded cloak) are VITAL clothing at night.
Wood for fires will be provided (available at fort).
A bathroom will be available on the modern side of the site.
A shower house (up front by parking) is provided for the convenience
of those far away travelers. (Coffee pot hidden within.)
Straw will be provided for bedding (if needed).
Water will be available (bring your own containers, please).
Germanic or Celtic re-enactors should contact the local clan leader
for the location of their campsite.
Individual Cohorts and Legionnaires may make camp as terrain allows;
however, a turf wall and ditch fort has been constructed south west
of the local tribes. Fellow legions are invited to camp with ISPA legions in
the fort.
We will post more information soon. Keep checking the yahoo groups
website at for updates.

Updated for the commander by:
Caius Fabius Maior
Charles Foxtrot
moderator, Roman Army Talk
link to the rules for posting
Time to let the hosts know if you plan on coming, so they can start planning meals for each participant.

The traditional Saturday Night Feast is supplemented by breakfasts, lunch snacks, and dinner on Friday,
breakfasts and lunch snacks on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch snacks on Sunday. This means that
Genny and Paulus and the rest have to make sure to get supplies in place and prepared.

Also it helps to have a headcount when buying the wine and beer for the tavern.

There have been some major developments on the site, which should please almost everyone,
can't wait to see you there!!!!!

Registration steps are........
---- Go to FtLafe site to hand book section and find registration, print it.
Then follow information on where to send payment and what other information you
may need to send.
Caius Fabius Maior
Charles Foxtrot
moderator, Roman Army Talk
link to the rules for posting
I am truly looking forward to this year's Lafe 9 AD event. It may be the only year I can make it. I'm now going through the logistics of trying to coordinate with one of our other guys from Legio III Cyrenaica who also wants to go.

At this point it looks like we will be flying out, and he's never flown before. I'll be helping him through the reservations process including getting us both on the same flights.

I'm going whether he can or not and will be booking my flights next week and sending in my paperwork. Now to hope the airline doesn't lose the luggage as all the metal bits have to fly in checked baggage!
Quinton Johansen
Marcus Quintius Clavus, Optio Secundae Pili Prioris Legionis III Cyrenaicae
I have been informed that the barracks space is now filled with all 18 beds being
requested, but there is still plenty of tent space available.
Caius Fabius Maior
Charles Foxtrot
moderator, Roman Army Talk
link to the rules for posting
After action photos.
Caius Fabius Maior
Charles Foxtrot
moderator, Roman Army Talk
link to the rules for posting

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