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Making an Aspis - Ring Method (Visual Aids)

Kind regards
Starting aspis mass production
Hey,mass production of aspis,this is good! Can you post some info,like size,weight,depth? And some more photos?
Giannis K. Hoplite
a.k.a.:Giannis Kadoglou
[Image: -side-1.gif]
I'll post more photos ASAP.
Be aware that you see here all of our "mass production" lol ! (we have two more pieces under construction).

As far as dimensions are concerned : diameter is +/- 88 cm, depth 7 to 8 cm, I do not know about weight, I guess 7 to 8 kgs. I'll confirm that.

We make them standart but anyway they will be all slightly different avoiding that way an industrial look.
Lovely job, Demetrios! Laudes!
Qui plus fait, miex vault.
Hello everybody !

As promised a long time ago I post here some pictures of the local production:

After the 1st flat ring = the rim, I start with a thin board stuck inside.
I hope it worked (I am not sure about the photo loading on the forum)[attachment=0]IMAGE_040.jpg[/attachment]

I then stick against the inside thin board a thicker one for the outside :[attachment=1]IMAGE_044.jpg[/attachment]
I then continue untill the circle is finished.
With this method,
1) I get an already 3 cm thick aspis basis (saving 2 flat circles)
2) I have a 90° angle between the rim and the bowl and
3) The forces that might stress the shield meet different layerss of wood fibers placed in different plans (I hope it to be more resistant)
I then cover the center with inside top circles as usual.
I hope I was clear in py explanations and pictures went thru.
Very cool. That is a very good idea for reenforcing the joints on the lower rings. Those look great. Keep up the work Demetrios. The world needs more of these shields! Big Grin

Yes, I am alive. I have just been lurking and reading. Tongue
"A wise man learns from his mistakes, but the truly wise man learns from the mistakes of others."
Chris Boatcallie
Great job Demetrios and interesting method. Big Grin
Kallimachos a.k.a. Kurt

Athina Itonia
[Image: smallsun1.gif]
[Image: bannerLinks.PNG]
It s a method that saves you wood, above all because the 1st two circles are very similar in dimension.
But I must admit it is a rather long method : you have to force the first thin board into the rim and stick it. The internal diameter is +/1 250 cm long.
So if you want it correctly stuck you have to put a "screw" (I dont' know the word for it) every 2 or 3 cm, and you need about 80 pieces of that kind of tool.
Then you leave it dry for a few hours.

The second part is harder : even if you had about 80 or 100 tools, you couldn't stick the whole external length beacuse after a few cm (10 or so) the wood brakes because of the material fatigue and you have to wait untill one part is dry ans has taken form and place before you continue.
I start in the center of the wooden piece to allow me to go towards both ends and do it quicker.
Nevertheless, if you stick 10 cm on both ends and this twice a day, morning and evening, you progress by max 40 cm a day and you need almost a week to finish.
That s also the reason why I started several pieces at the same time to be able to work on one piece while others are drying.
Hi all!

If someone needs help, I made a video after Chris B's Aspis -
I like how the video makes it look like it take under 5 minutes to sand both inside and out. :lol:

Any details about getting the leather to stretch around the inside curves? Looks like a very good job all told.
M. Demetrius Abicio
(David Wills)

Saepe veritas est dura.

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