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This morning I have hugely expanded our hosted storage space for members. Every RAT member now has a 10MB storage (for free!) right here on The overall limits have been expanded so that (in theory) all members can fill that space up as well. More storage space is available on request and if needed.

The maximum size of images has been doubled from 256 to 512kb. Images should really not need to be larger than that.

To limit bandwidth usage, I have altered forum permissions so that only registered and logged-in members can see and download images this way.

This should eliminate for members to look for hosting of images elsewhere. We do ask that you ensure that copyright for the photos is yours or that you have obtained copyright elsewhere. It's unlikely to cause trouble, but still...

Short instruction on how to add an image to your post:
1) In a New Post or Reply (this does not work in Quicky Reply mode), click the 'Add an Attachment' button below the posting screen.
2) Click Browse to find the image you want to upload or type the path directly in the text box.
3) Click 'Add Attachment'
Provided the image was smaller than 512kb, it should now be attached to your post.

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine

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