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Nor cal reenactment groups?
Hi everybody, my name is Andy Pierucci, I am 19, and I live in Stockton, California. I am an avid military history enthusiast, and am extremely interested in roman military history. I have been researching a bunch on joining a reenacting group. I tried to contact Legio IX Hispania norcal, but recieved no reply, I then tried to contact legio IX hispania's headquarters, but to no avail. Cry I just really want to join a group in northern california. I am interested in roman coins, blacksmithing, and military. I am especially interested in the imperial roman army. Can anybody please help me?

Andy Pierucci
Stockton, California USA
Try to contact Hibernicus through this forum. He's the commander of Legio IX HISP and on the forum.
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There are at least 3 groups in CA. Leg IX HSPA based in San Diego, Leg VI in Los Angeles, and Leg X in Sacramento, or thereabouts. There used to be a division of Leg IX in North California, but I don't know whether they're active any more. I live far away from all of them.

Try here, maybe you can find somebody in your neighborhood: ... r%20Groups

And welcome to Roman Army Talk. Fortuna Bona in finding a group to run with, and may you prosper and be in good health.
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Thanks all for your help. I really appreciate it.

Andy Pierucci
Andy Pierucci
Stockton, California USA

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