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"correct" Pila carry method
Found that easiest method of carry for Pila if you are going to throw them
is point down. Point up requires a difficult hand reposition esp if carrying two!
John Kaler
Member LEGOV(Tennessee)
(PILA in photo are our practice PILA)
John Kaler MSG, USA Retired
Member Legio V (Tenn, USA)
Staff Member Ludus Militus
Owner Vicus and Village:

The Adamclissi metopes clearly show legionaries carrying the pila point up, with the shaft couched in the crook of their arms and their hands holding it near the ferrule.


Marcus Antonius Celer/Julian Dendy.
Might be something to do with safety - a sharp point directed *upwards* can't hurt you or anyone around you.

But are we sure there even was 'one true way' of carrying pila? I suspect they would have been carried 'point up' when marching in formation, may have been carried 'point down' ready for action, and piled on the baggage wagons whenever the officers weren't looking.
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Volker Bach
But what if you toss it this way... ... spana+grip


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There are many more depictions of pila being carried point up on the shoulder than the Adamklissi Meotopes and the Column- the Chancelleria Relief, the Mainz 'Pedestal' come to mind. But I expect John means right before throwing as opposed to distance marching. Advancing on an enemy line, for example- right? I'd think it'd partly depend on the separation of lines- given that the pointed buttspike would be a danger to anyone immediatly behind if there was a minimal separation. With a good distance, I could see it held on the shoulder point forward, down at the side again point forward or any number of other positions with the hand holding it as would be necessary for throwing (however that was done).
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