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RAT / v3, ie Future RAT
Quote:why would we need such a feature?
I take it you've never done a web conference? The ability to all discuss topics together is similar to a classroom, but done in virtual space. And can record the entire lecture/discussion for playback later. If the sound/video is too much bandwidth, the usual text plus graphics is fine.
Richard Campbell
Legio XX - Alexandria, Virginia
RAT member #6?
I would love to see enhanced profile features. As mosst of us are actively working on an impression or impressions; I would love to see a profile page where each user can update his helmet, armour, weapon, shield, belt, etc... It would allow other users to see what can be made/bought.

If you want to go overboard, you could also add a spot in the profile for details on each piece of gear, so that users can see a variety of hand-made gear or how a certain Deepeeka helmet fits a wide mix of users.

My wife uses a knitting networking site called Ravelry that tracks yarn, patterns, designers, completed projects, materials and then has tons of pictures(user-uploaded) so that everyone can see how things turn out and how they might look in the real world.
Michael Griffin
High School Teacher who knows Latin & Greek
felicior quam sus in stercu
actually I think the search engine isn't that bad. If one can think up a good query and use the operators "AND", "OR" and "NOT", you can get quite decent results.
Regarding the searching I have a little note. I already can't imagine my life without using the Firefox search plugin. I know, that the other forum engine (not the phpBB) Jasper showed us some time ago as the engine for RAT v3 has different search function, which has that anti-spamrobots protection - you must write some letters and number into some box and then it lets you search. However I can't bypass this thing with the search plugin. Therefore if it is possible, I would like to have the future search engine without such things, so that I can make the plugin and search the forum from my Firefox.

Quote:More variety of emoticons (check out the French Late Roman Forum).
Big Grin //[/img] :wink:

I think the search button must be very visible, to prevent unnecessary double questions, and refer to other threads more easily.

And I think that a step towards broadening the scope of the forum might be useful. Military history is more than just discussing the details of this particular battle or that type of helmet. Subforums for the "ancient civilization"-section may be useful, perhaps.

Battle dbase; Ritterling finished. I am willing to share Livius.Org stuff.

Salute from Rome, where AS Roma just won the local derby; fireworks!
Jona Lendering
Relevance is the enemy of history
My website
How about making sure posts don't disappear. Start with the basics.
TARBICvS/Jim Bowers
well Jim, if you stop putting pictures of your butt in the posts, I won't have to delete them, :lol:
Caius Fabius Maior
Charles Foxtrot
moderator, Roman Army Talk
link to the rules for posting
Quote:I would very much like a simple, quick way of tacking a foto (or several) to a post. No more photobucket uploads. If the picture is given a caption, perhaps you can search for a given type of picture on RAT (dolabra's, for instance) I know it is not much and also not really big, but it would improve my enjoyment of RAT.

Could full colour digital books be made available for out of print volumes everyone keeps refering to but are impossable to attain? It would really help people do research!

I agree! Big Grin

Both are excellent points.

On the latter there may be copy right issues, but for items in the public domain what a great resource this would be.

David Reinke
Burbank CA
Quote:I would like to see the section "History" and "reenactment & reconstruction" split up a bit into smaller sections.
e.g.: reconstruction split into armour, helmets, textiles, weapons, leather products, fittings etc...
At the moment it is more or less impossible to quickly collect relevant info with the search function, try by using "belt" for example...
Narrowing down the topics would also help when you are just browsing for info about a certain topic.
Also link collections to the relevant sites for these topics would be great.
And a link collection to museum sites. And Chocolate. I want loads of chocolate. Smile

Everything you say sounds great....But NO Chocolate, I'm on a diet..... :evil:
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Byron Angel
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Ivan Perelló
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Hi Ivan,
yes, sometimes I have a long time and even don't want to read about Roman army, so... Smile
Thank you for your kind words. It certainly could be better. At least I've seen much better drawn smilie helmets Smile But I've done my best.

Everyone interested feel free to download the emotion and put it on your forum/web site/etc.

.....this is getting S..OO....OOOOO... off topic .... Sad ?
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Paullus Scipio/Paul McDonnell-Staff
Yes, back on topic please and try to have some ideas that surpass small tweaks of RAT! Big Grin

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
Hi Jasper

I'm not technical so I don't know if this is big or small but maybe incorporate an optional blog into a users profile page? So they can use it for day to day non-Roman things, projects, what they got up to at events etc.

Maybe make profile pages interactive so a user can add photos or video where people can add comments/ask questions.

It's not just that I'm nosey, honest :wink:

Soz if they're daft ideas or already suggested, just a couple of thoughts.
Kat x

~We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars~
That may be possible and is definitely more the kind of idea I'm looking for, so thanks!

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
Perhaps the copyright issue may be worked around. Often these books will not be reprinted. If there were a digital RAT bookstore (which, I can assure you, is a coming trend, there are already digital book readers), I would be willing to pay for a download of a volume (or part of it), Publishers and authors need not suffer, but the data laid down in the out of print volume could be had for all! It would REALLY help research worldwide, it is so frustrating good books are inaccesable through the mere fact that they are only 5 hours by airplane away Smile
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Robert P. Wimmers
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