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"I Claudius" -- New Feature Film...?
Quote:I can... this guy :wink:
Yeah, baby, yeah. :lol:
posted by Duncan B Campbell
Quote:Yeah, baby, yeah. Laughing

Wouldn't it then be "Y-y-y-y-ea...B-b-b-b-b-aby" Big Grin
aka Chris Stewart
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Quote:Senovara wrote:
Well, I adore Sir Derek Jacobi as Claudius and I can't imagine anyone else playing the part.

I can... this guy


I'm not sure how serious you were about that suggestion, but it's actually quite BRILLIANT! We have to remember that much of I Claudius was actually quite funny, and that Claudius is a truly comedic figure— we laugh both at him and with him while he makes his way through the minefield of Julio-Claudian family life and politics. Mike Myers would capture that gestalt perfectly!
T. Flavius Crispus / David S. Michaels
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"Oderint dum probent."
Good point Flavius, indeed "I Claudius" has quite a bit of humor in it. Big Grin

There have been several very interesting and astute casting suggestions made in this thread Confusedhock: :? )


My first concern is just what story they hope to tell in a feature film. Given that they will be limited on time (2-3 hours) they can not hope to cover both novels unless we are to end up with a "reader's digest" version as is often the case.

The TV Series format is perfect for a large story like "I Claudius" allowing for story and character development.

Now one could make the same case about The Lord Of The Rings, and indeed the recent trilogy did a great job of telling the story. Yes some things were left out and we might not agree with all of the story editing decisions but by and large the trilogy worked. Contrast that with the earlier animated effort by Ralph Bakshi who attempted to tell the story in just two films, and as it happened never made the second film. That version satisfied very few (if anyone at all).


My first question remains: What story, or how much of the story, will this new film tell?

My fear is that the limited time will give us a film that does not do justice to Robert Graves, his story, or to ancient Rome, and ill-serves us the viewers, fan of ancient Rome or not.

As Tarbicus has pointed out the creative team attached to this project has a good track record so I am optimistic, but cautiously so. Let us hope for the best. :?

David Reinke
Burbank CA

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