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"J"-hook style crest
I wonder if anyone knows the dimensions of the "J" type crest box. I'm ready to try my hand at making one and need to know height(from the top of the helmet) and the width. I assume it to be the same thickness as most other crests. I'm not concerned with the horsehair itself but the holder. My plan is to make it from wood with a brass covering.
Sorry if it's come up before. If so, please direct me there.
Andy Booker

Gaivs Antonivs Satvrninvs

Andronikos of Athens
Andy here is the thread you need: ... ght=crests

Kind regards
Thank you very much,Stefanos. I had just finished reading all posts pertaining to this when I saw your post. Unfortunately, there's still no real dimensions given but some very good pictures of re-enactors and pottery.
I'm thinking it should be about the same height as the helmet and around 3 or 4cm deep. Maybe 1.5 cm thick. Sound about right to you?
Thanks for the help. Great to hear from you.
Andy Booker

Gaivs Antonivs Satvrninvs

Andronikos of Athens

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