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Battle of Cunaxa Illustration
This is a scene where the Persian cavalry tried to run down the Greek peltasts. They opened ranks and cut loose with their swords and javelins. Hope you guys like it..!
Johnny ... ginal.aspx
Johnny Shumate
Another great piece of artwork! Smile
Ioannis Georganas, PhD
Secretary and Newsletter Editor
The Society of Ancient Military Historians

Johnny ... I love you and hate you at the same time ... envy is too weak a word for it Big Grin
Conal Moran

Do or do not, there is no try!
Excellent work, Johnny. I like the little details, like the sling thong in the peltasts' hands, etc.
Michael D. Hafer [aka Mythos Ruler, aka eX | Vesper]
In peace men bury their fathers. In war men bury their sons.
You have such a great talent Johnny, thanks for sharing.
Kallimachos a.k.a. Kurt

Athina Itonia
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Gorgeous work Johnny, your knowledge on anatomy and clothing really shines through in this piece.

How did you manage to keep your patience colouring in the interiors of those shields? Wink
[Image: parsiaqj0.png]
[size=92:7tw9zbc0]- Bonnie Lawson: proudly Manx.[/size]
Agree to that, super details magnificus art, our Leonardo of our time!
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If there's one criticism I'd make of Johnny's work, is that he uses cut 'n' paste too much. As an artist myself I can easily spot the areas of his works that he has cut and pasted from other areas of the same work. This is usually spears, greaves, legs, feet, etc. This one has less of that than past offerings though. Not that I dislike your work though - it's amazing stuff you show us - keep it up!
Michael D. Hafer [aka Mythos Ruler, aka eX | Vesper]
In peace men bury their fathers. In war men bury their sons.
Lovely work Johnny, as always!
Dave Bell/Secvndvs

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Excellent work, as usual, Johnny.
Should we expect Cunaxa as one of the battles in Anc. Warf. 2008 ?! Smile
posted by Duncan B Campbell
How long does that take Johnny?
The children of Doom...Doom\'\'s children. They told my lord the way to the mountain of power. They told him to throw down his sword and return to the earth...HA!! time enough for the earth in the grave.

Man, hasn't Osprey Publishing contacted you yet? They should have...
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Ivan Perelló
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Absolutely amazing work Johnny Big Grin Funny thing, my brother was watching the Gaugamela scenes from "Alexander" in the next room when I clicked on the thread.

Paul Basar - Member of Wildfire Game\'s Project 0 AD
Wildfire Games - Project 0 A.D.
Very cool and inspiring. I'm glad to see a picture of a Persian cavalryman with palta from the period between the Persian Wars and Alexander's Wars. I like your dust effect and the worn clothes of the psiloi.
Nullis in verba

I left this forum around the beginning of 2013, but I hope that these old posts have some value
Johnny ...Great work ( when is it not? ) Confusedhock:
I am curious about the leading Persian cavalryman's leg armour. I have not seen 'two-piece' leg armour like that before (IIRC). What was the source for that particular piece of equipment ??
Virtually all the Persian cavalry leg armour I have seen look like cowboy 'chaps' with scales added.
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