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Roman Martial Arts?
Hello everyone, I want to know what the most important technique in the martial arts is. I just want some examples. I have heard that it is the Jab. I have also heard that it is the one inch punch. What is a long term learning curve tool to develop and what is one that is very necessary and fundamental. What is the best technique in the martial arts? Thank you in advance.
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The jab is important for gauging distance and setting up stronger punches... in boxing. Some martial arts don't even use jabs...

The one inch punch is important for utilising tendon power, and coordinating strength through your entire body into the one point. Most martial arts don't even use the one inch punch (as a specific technique)...

Neither are the most important technique in martial arts. Personally, I would list 3 possible contenders for the most important technique in martial arts:

1) Absorbing a punch. Minimising damage to yourself is more important than giving it out to someone else.
2) Protecting your weak-points, in particular the head. For obvious reasons.
3) Controlling your breath. There is many ways to do this. Most important is the exhalation for each energetic technique you attempt. It stops your attack wearing away your puff, and increases the outgoing energy short-term.

Master those three things and the rest will just come to you.
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