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Show here your gladiator impression
These are banners I painted during this season for Britannia. I take part in the shows myself as a Gladiator.....

Simon Barnes :| <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_neutral.gif" alt=":|" title="Neutral" />:|
Here´s me as Murmillo "Lupus" but not complete at the moment.

Hope, you like it
Caivs Molinarivs Blandvs, Vinarivs et Mvrmillo "Lvpvs"
aka Wolf M.

Some pictures about the Familia Gladiatoria Pannonica
Mátyás Honffy

Moriturus te salute!
I posted a couple of videos of the Ludus Gladiatorum Australis boys at play at an event in Atlanta. Wattayathink?
I think I managed to defeat Marius, that's what I think! :twisted: And I am glad you didn't put the Essedarius fight up. That was just plain humiliating. :oops:
(Steven Bulman)

Member of Legio V Alaudae
Quote:I posted a couple of videos of the Ludus Gladiatorum Australis boys at play at an event in Atlanta. Wattayathink?

You would get a better crowd reaction if you used fake blood in blood bags, like we do in Britannia.

When you draw the knife you just squeeze the bag and it pops and spurts the blood away. The crowd go wild!! The first time they see it you can feel the intake of collective breathe!
Confusedhock: Confusedhock: Confusedhock: Confusedhock: Confusedhock: Confusedhock: Confusedhock:

Simon Barnes :| <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_neutral.gif" alt=":|" title="Neutral" />:|
Actually I once considered blood bags, but then dropped the idea. I like to tell the crowd that any blood they see (and they always see some) is real (which it is). A more practical concern is that most of our shows are given free, so I opted against a lot of blood to reduce laundry costs.
Salvete Omnes,

We had on Saturday, April 26, 2008 our first gig at the Helms-Museum in Hamburg-Harburg at the "Lange Nacht der Museen" (Long Night of the Museums) and we learned from the museum staff that the museum hadn't been that crowded for a "Lange Nacht" than this year and that most people came to see us. Though freaking nervous I think we still put on a good show accompanied by Susanna and Albin of Musica Romana which added a lot to the show.

Here are two pictures of us fighting:

[Image: wkw_260408.JPG]
Medusa - Albin Paulus - Susanna - Murmillo Lupus as summa rudis (user Caius Molinarius Blandus) - Retiarius Kerberus

[Image: wkw_260408_b.JPG]
Murmillo Lupus vs. Provocatrix Medusa
Avete omnibus.
let me show my appreciation for the pics of you all. They are fantastic!

And, especially, for the last two (Medusa and her group) also because it's a fantastic thing to perform a reenactment show in a museum. It's a privilege to have this opportunity.

I have a question for you all:

I'm working on a personal project about a comic book (or books I hope) about the gladiatorial word in the first century AD. Especially, the main protagonist are three gladiatrices with all the consequences, the struggles and the hard life they've to sustain.
There is lot to do and to study for this but, toghether with my sister who is the writer (I'm the "artist"), we want to do a historically correct and interesting project.
My problem is to find references for my drawings about fighting gladiators: I've found a lot of pictures but for me it's not enough and now I'm looking for re-enactors photos where I can find the realistic positions and the right techniques of the gladiators.
I already downloaded all the pics you posted here and I ask you if you could post or send me other photos of gladiator re-enactors (you or others you've seen in others events) so I can use as references.

The more references I have the better is for my project.

Thank you all for your support!

Valete omnibus
Claudio Casti/Titus Claudius Cincinnatus

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Lookin' good, Svenja. Is the tat new?
Pecunia non olet
Quote:Lookin' good, Svenja. Is the tat new?

No, already eleven years old, so way before I started gladiatorial reenactment. But I don't see any sense in covering it up with camouflage make-up because I'm a modern person with a life before and besides reenactment. Also it adds to looking martial. :lol:
For some more gladiator impressions of the gladiators of LVDVS NEMESIS you could check out our website here where you will also see three videos of us fighting at the aforementioned event:

Marcel Schwarzenberger of the online history magazine did an interview with us between two appearances at that night and I think he did a pretty good job with us. The complete interview as well as a review of Junkelmann's revised "Gladiator Bible" can be listened to here (in German):
Quote:Also it adds to looking martial. :lol:

You certainly do!
Robert Vermaat
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FECTIO Late Roman Society
(Maurikios-Strategikon, book VIII.2: Maxim 12)
[Image: artgroepbutton.jpg]
To Titus Cincinnatus:

Well I'll be, I'm working on a graphic novel about the life of a gladiator from early-mid first century AD myself. The first chapter (25 pages) is aleady penciled in and waiting to be inked and lettered. I would love to see some of your work, maybe we can bounce ideas off each other. The protagonist of my little opus is a German captured along the Rhine frontier during a skirmish in Caligula's reign. The story arc will carry well into the reign of Claudius, probably ending just before Nero. This way i can incorporate a wide variety of gladiator classes as characters. The 'hero' will be trained as a myrmillo, then as a secutor, giving him a chance to fight thraces, hoplomachii, and retiarii in the arena.
Ave Martin,
I'll send some of my first pages as soon as I can, for sure. Maybe by PM, I think, after this weekend because I'm on a medieval reenactment event here in Italy.

My "story" will took place some years after yours, during the struggles for the Empire and the final victory of Vespasian, so, maybe we can "chain" the two novels, if you like. I'll explain better the whole project with the pics.

And... can I see some of yours tables? I like very much see and confront with other artists (although I'm not an "artist") especially when the subject is a "roman" or "ancient" subject.

Claudio Casti/Titus Claudius Cincinnatus

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