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New recruits
Hello Jona!

It took you long enough to join RAT! Welcome aboard.
Robert Vermaat
MODERATOR: Forum rules
FECTIO Late Roman Society
(Maurikios-Strategikon, book VIII.2: Maxim 12)
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I, Maximus Dominus, the Right Hand of Caesar, do hail from the glorious lands of South Carolina.

Indeed, how does one become interested in Rome? Rome is carved into the hearts of all men, both great and small. Finding one's interest in it is not hard, if one but dares to open one's eyes and to behold the obvious.

I have trekked unto this spectacular realm for the purpose of enlightenment. I seek enlightenment, for the purpose of continually improving a game: Fall of Rome.

As well, I seek to bask in the company of those who have an earnest appreciation for the grandeur of the Roman Empire.

I also have a newborn son, my first and only heir, who is one and one half months old, and who bears the name of Titan.

~ Maximus~Dominus~
a.k.a.: Charles Mosteller

Fall of Rome
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Be welcomed!

I am Martin, son of Aivar from Estonia, or Adalsysla, as vikings once called my homeland. Although I do viking re-enactment, I also have great respect in roman military and society as well. I got interested it already as a youngster, when I read history books instead of comics. I especially admire roman art of war (not exactly comparable to Sun Bin though) and it`s order- no loose ends, everything is being thought of.
I am here to get a bit more knowledge of roman re-enactment and people, who really know, what they talk about history.
About my re-enactment... I haven`t done it for long- about a year or less. I have done some old-time-handicraft (like bronze rings and fasteners for the belt of my vendelian era helm) and for a year now, I have aquired art of swordsmanship. I also have "authentic" clothes.
I am a student and next I hope I'll be going to university.

Be well, honored ones.
Martin Eessalu from Adalsysla (Estonia)
Welcome to both of you! Make yourself at home, don't be afraid to ask anything and have fun!

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
I'm Siani, from Sunderland Massachusetts. Ah...I became interested in Rome for the first time when I was....oh, must've been 2nd grade or so. Had some small miniatures of some kind, long since lost. Again in 5th when I was given a toy roman galley..had wheels on the bottom that made the oars row as it was pushed. Came with red and yellow roman soldiers.

Around 1980, while in the Marines on ammo dump guard duty I made a lorica segmentata based on Robinson's book. Made it from galvanized steel in one night with the help of the Cpl of the Guard. Edges weren't finished and it wasn't the prettiest thing, but I learned a lot from it.

'90 and I make lorica squamata for myself for SCA combat. Triple pteryges at hip and shoulder, leather doublings. At this time it's all one piece. LOL Bad, I know. '92 and I make loric hamata and sell it for 500 dollars...though originally I intended it for myself, again for the SCA.

Few years ago I returned to blacksmithing and have progressed to bladesmithing and will soon be doing bronzecasting and smithing. Under way now are lorica corbridge type A & B, Imperial Gallic 'I' Aquincum helm I am raising from bronze (there's an interesting project!).

I served in the Marines for a long time...made I doubt it will surprise anyone that I am intensely fascinated in Legio II Adiutrix Pia Fidelis. The.....speculative...nature of recreating this particular legio doesn't particularly bother me. I've seen a stelae marked with the dolphins and trident which I also found in another book as possibly belonging to this legio. Thin maybe, but it works for me. I am also aware of the stelae that includes the oval shield with the medusa boss.

I've got three other former Marines interested so far. Smile There is on question I have on it that I will reiterate elsewhere....damned if I can find it now, but I know I have seen references to Roman naval personnel and the sails of their ships being blue. If so, could it be possible this legion might have used blue tunics and shield backgrounds? Probably not, but I enjoy speculation, as I say (and since blue isn't really my color, I won't be heartbroken over it either!). Ah, yes, I am also aware of the fact that women didn't serve in the legions....but I'm doing this anyway.

Ah...that's me in a nutshell. I'm a smith by trade, I sew my own garb, weave my own cloth, though dyeing isn't something I've done yet. I'm also making my own caligae. A busy lass whose 'job' is a pleasure and very useful.

Glad to be here, looking forward to learning a lot.

If you have peace in your land,
You will have health in your hand.

mka Siani Overstreet
Rutilia / Anne

I would love to do Bronze casting one day

Murray K Dahm


\'\'\'\'No matter how many you kill, you cannot kill your successor\'\'\'\' - Seneca to Nero - Dio 62

\'\'\'\'There is no way of correcting wrongdoing in those who think that the height of virtue consists in the execution of their will\'\'\'\' - Ammianus Marcellinus 27.7.9
Hi I am new here too, even thought I have done a few postings.
Up to recently I have been active over in Germany doing a 1st century civilian display. Would very much enjoy geting in contact with people who are doing 1st century in the Ontario region.

Avete, Amici:
I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Arik Greenberg and this is my first post on RAT. I am a club officer of the Legion VI Historical Foundation of Los Angeles, CA and am a scholar in the field of Religions of Antiquity. My specialty is early Christian literature and Second Temple Judaism within the context of the Greco-Roman world, but I have been active in the field of experimental archaeology for the last few years. Over the last few years, I have corresponded with M.C. Bishop on the subject of fashioning a Newstead cuirass using his blueprints and was the first to complete an example of it. I have an article forthcoming in his next volume of JRMES on the subject. He and I have corresponded about revisions of that reconstruction and after completing a second version, I am still in the process of writing an article on the details of that second version of the Newstead, which incorporates recent information about the 'Stillfried halfsets' of the girdle section of a Newstead segmentata.

Unfortunately, due to my schedule over the last two years, I was unable to spare a moment to actually open an account on RAT and begin to converse with my fellow enthusiasts. For that I am sorry and I am now trying to rectify that. So, I look forward to talking with and 'e-meeting' all of you. I thank you in advance for all your hospitaly.

Arik Greenberg
(Avlvs Arrivs Diogenes)
L. Arik Greenberg, Ph.D.
Hi Arik,
Welcome to the board! Make yourself at home!

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
Welcome, Arik! Big Grin
Has Mike given you any clue on when that next JRMES volume will be published? (Well, I have a paper forthcoming too on it!)

It\'s all an accident, an accident of hands. Mine, others, all without mind, from one extreme to another, but neither works nor will ever.

Rolf Steiner
Greetings from Belfast N.Ireland.Have been browsing this site now and think its the best on the net concerning the Roman legions.Reading about Caesars 10th Legion by Stephen Dando-Collins .
Tommy Smith aka DoubtingThomas
you cant throw people to the lions,can you? Confusedhock: <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_eek.gif" alt="Confusedhock:" title="Shocked" />Confusedhock:
Salve fellow romans my name is Ronny Ordoñez Im from Honduras Central America I´m 21 and currently studying Graphic Design.

I became interested in Rome since 10 th grade , Im here because its an excellent forum to learn more about the greatness of Rome there's so much cool people here doctors,teachers,animator etc..(Ill be posting my drawings of legionnaires and such) so by posting here I will learn more about Roman faqs I didn´t know like the late empire and such meet new people that love Roman history and study it.

Its an honor to be a member
Ronny O.
Quam bene vivas refert, non quam diu - The important thing isn\'t how long you live, but how well you live. (Seneca)
Greetings, all,

Another new guy checking in. I've had a casual interest in the history and daily operations of the Legions for several years. I haven't gone much further than that yet but hope to. There doesn't seem to be much going on in my area as far as reenacting goes but that may change. At any rate, hello to everyone. *waves* I look forward to learning from the veterans around here.

AKA: Tony L.

Welcome home comiles!!!
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Ivan Perelló
[size=150:iu1l6t4o]Credo in Spatham, Corvus sum bellorum[/size]
Hello everyone.
I have posted on a few topics, but not introduced myself properly. How rude.
Ahem. I am a 21 years old history student from the university of Oslo, the capital of the Kingdom of Norway. I lead a medium- sized reenactment group at the university, the LEGIO XV appolonaris. We have about 15- 20 active members and portray a trajanish unit. The group has existed for nine years, I myself have been a member since the tender age of sixteen.

I ( and the group) also dabble in live- action roleplay. We also do steel- weapon fighting, with a few viking and medieval groups in the area, and they regularly beat the living daylights out of us.

Personally, I have always liked history. I also do Napoleonic reenactment, as do my girlfriend, her entire family, and all their friends. I shall try to introduce them to proper ( roman) reenactment.

You will hear from us again!
Best wishes,
Magnus HÃ¥kenstad
Consvl, Legio XV, Norway

Is there anybody here who has got anything else they\'d rather be doing than marching UP and DOWN the square!!?

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