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1. The Hasta Pura Award is given by a group of Forum Members. These Forum members are those who have received the award already, and me. We have a discussion bord, where we decide who will get the next Hasta Pura.

2. Nominees will have to follow a model nomation to make their own nomination. Any nominations that do not follow the model nomination must have a darn good reason for not doing so, and name this reason in the presentation.

3. The terminology for a "reconstruction" is quite clear: Reproduce an object with the methods with which it was made. As this is usually hardly achieved, it is O.K. to present any "reproductions", as long as the presentation clearly states why (a) compromise(s) in the reconstruction process was (were) made.

4. Nominees may only participate with one (1) object or with a complete ancient historical impression (which requires, of course, much more work work for the presentation).

5. Nominations can be made by any registered forum user.

6. The award will no longer be given at a certain point, nor will there be any longer any deadlines. When a very good contribution is made, the award will be given after discussion (which may take a while)

Presentations are to be made in the following order:

1.: You must provide at least one good picture of the object.

2.: You must name the original that is reconstructed, cite the publication(s) concerned with the object, and provide (a) picture(s) of the original.

3.: You must name who made the reconstruction, with what method(s), with what material(s), and you must name any compromises in material and reconstruction method that were made during creation of the object.

4.: Only the text and pictures to be seen in the presentation are used for appraisal, no links. If you have more than three pictures you may make several postings.
Christian K.

No reconstruendum => No reconstruction.

Ut desint vires, tamen est laudanda voluntas.


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