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Making a (first century AD) tunic
I would say for basic kit, no. Unless you are prepared to cite references to any awkward questions from the public. The pictures are from grave goods, which meant the stitching is a decorative thing on high quality items. The decorative embroidery I refer to is mostly referenced from parade attire, which is very special occassions for example.

I would say use stitching that is the same colour and would then reflect the stitching on known examples.

It just stops you having to deal with crappy questions from smart alec plebs!!

These embroideries are from Late Roman attire too - so a good couple of hundred years after the plain tunics worn by the soldiery of the 1st/2nd century Smile
Claire Marshall

General Layabout

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That's pretty much what I thought at the beginning Smile

Thanks a lot Smile

I would echo what Claire says. Elaborately decorated tunics are later. For the first century the only tunic decoration is likely to be the two bands called clavi, although it is far from clear that military tunics had them.

It should also be remembered that we have no certain surviving examples of military tunics from any period although several could be contenders.

"Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream" Edgar Allan Poe.

"Every brush-stroke is torn from my body" The Rebel, Tony Hancock.

"..I sweated in that damn dirty armor....TWENTY YEARS!', Charlton Heston, The Warlord.

I would echo what Claire says. Elaborately decorated tunics are later.

Yep. I read your book, I remember :}

I wasn't really thinking of anything elaborate - just hemming the tunic with a chain stitch. I'll just use a simple running stitch instead.
A question about the lucet cord: does it go along the entire upper edge of the tunica, or just around the opening? When you are sewing together two squares, do you first sew them and then attach the cord along the sewing line, or do you first attach the cord to each edge and then sew the cords together?

What about the arm holes? Can/should the lucet braid be attached around them as well? I think this is what I'm seeing on the attached pics, right?

And the lower edge? Can/should the lower edge also have the cord attached?

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