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Reconstructing a 6th c. Baldenheim spangenhelm
Thank you for the kind words.
Though its not based on an actual example and has some minor historical errors in its construction I loved this helmet the first time I saw it on his website and was very happy when he agreed to sell it.
Like I said, he creates these beautys for fun not for profitl.
The helmet from Planig is actualy his most recent work and his first scientific reconstruction of an original:
Olaf Küppers - Histotainment, Event und Promotion - Germany
Thanks Olaf! i just sent an inquiry to him about this helmet Big Grin ...
Virilis / Jyrki Halme
[Image: fectio.png]
Quote:An excelent source for Baldenheim Helmets is
Mahand Vogt: Spangenhelme. Baldenheim und verwandte Typen. Monographien des Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums 39. Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum, Schnell & Steiner, Regensburg 2007. ISBN 978-3-7954-2006-2.

Love to get that, but ouch, the price... (I made this helmet because it was a CHEAP project!)

Quote:There is also an Austrian creating Spangenhelmets, and other helmets, for fun:

Oh, yes, that first one was my main inspiration and secondary source. It shows views and details that I can't see on photos of the original. He captured the shape better than I did!

Quote:I am very happy to call this one my own:

Oooo, lucky! I REALLY like the way the front edge of the cheekpieces follow the line of the eye cut-outs, but I couldn't see that on the originals that I could find, and thought I'd better stick to what I could document. Sweet helmet, though, congrats. Love his Langobard helmets, too.

Cool stuff!

Matthew Amt (Quintus)
Legio XX, USA
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as I said in ArmourArchive Forum ...I LOVE IT Big Grin D
Quote: Here's a nice side-view with the cheek plates intact :
[Image: stadtinfos_geschichte2.jpg]

Hallo Theodosius

What is it this helm? In europe is about 40 finds of Baldenheim helms, but this helm I dont know.

Thanks, Sidney
Quote:What is it this helm? In europe is about 40 finds of Baldenheim helms, but this helm I dont know.

Thanks, Sidney

It's the Gammertingen helm isn't it?
"Medicus" Matt Bunker


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