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Dr. Patri Pugliese
Dr. Patri Pugliese, recently of Medford, MA, USA, died Sunday, Feb 11, 2007, after a long battle with cancer.

Although he is probably better known in the U.S. American Civil War circuit, and the SCA, Parti's contribution to Historical Combat Manuals and Historical Dance ultimately makes connections to all aspects of historical reenacting/living history, and that several U.S. Romans are also Civil War reenactors, and/or "Western Martial Arts" scholars who have utilized his research, if not worked with him personally, as I have. He also taught Historical Dancing workshops in Vienna, Austria for a number of years. I met Patri not too soon after the Sword Guild's "official inception" around 2000/01, and for the last 6+ months had been working with him and fellow members of the Salem Light Infantry - Salem Zouaves, ACW group, these fellows also having worked with in Sword Guild for the last several years...

-He is survived by his wife and thier two daughters
As well as survived by all of us whom he had met and worked with over the years.

The following are letters from friends that I think sums it all up better than I can.

Many of you know that he, along with Jeffrey Forgeng and Paul
Kenworthy, began what eventually became the Guild when, in 1999,
they started meeting to study historical combat treatises. He
was also responsible for the first combat demonstrations at the
Higgins. For many years he helped students of historical
European martial arts by providing inexpensive copies of a great
many of the surviving treatises, and he brought to their study
an understanding of period movement gained from expertise in
historical and vintage dance from the Renaissance to the 1920s.
- Mark Millman

As I’m sure is the case with many of you, I met Patri through our mutual interest in historical fencing, though in my case it was 19th-century bayonet fencing that first brought us together. It was Patri who invited me to the first meeting at the Higgins Armory Museum back in the winter of 1999 of the group that eventually evolved into the Higgins Armory Sword Guild. For years we drove out to Worcester together every two weeks. Jeffrey, Patri and I gave the first historical combat demonstration at the Higgins when we presented our Joseph Sweetnam material. In the spring of 2000 Patri and I started an American Civil War re-enacting group that met every week to work on bayonet fencing and military sabre drill. The result of all this was that I saw Patri between one and three times a week. But incredibly, this was not the only subject that he devoted that much attention to. His work in vintage and historical dance was if anything even more extensive and he traveled around the country and over to Europe regularly to teach and lecture in that field. I can not even begin to image what kind of hole his passing will leave in the lives of all the people around the world that he taught, encouraged, and inspired.
-Paul Kenworthy

Greetings to all,
Posted this past weekend in one of my other groups "NewEngland Brigade" were the sad tidings that the Reenactment community had lost one of it's most dashing and creative leaders to an illness. Patri Pugliese
was a member of the Salem Zouaves, a leading practicioner of swordsmanship, and an excellent historical dancer and teacher. Those
of you who've participated or attended Andy's programs at Higgins have
likely met and been entertained and enlightened by him.
-Randi Richert / P. Clodius Secundus (Leg III Cyr)
Andy Volpe
"Build a time machine, it would make this [hobby] a lot easier."
Legion III Cyrenaica ~ New England U.S.
Higgins Armory Museum 1931-2013 (worked there 2001-2013)
(Collection moved to Worcester Art Museum)

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