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show off your gladius
[Image: aout2012-239.jpg]

On the left, my gladius from Erik Konig. On the right, my old generic gladius from somewhere in India.

[Image: aout2012-267.jpg]

I love it, of course. It's a pompei found in UK. More about it :

But it's not only the looks of it. It's also the use. Light and solid, really well balanced. A marvel Smile
[Image: inaciem-bandeau.png]
I like the Konig sword, very nice. I also have a Deepeeka identical to yours with the exception of red scabbard. I like the Deepeeka but then it wasn't expected to be the best quality and if I were a Roman soldier I would have wanted a better grip. The grip on the Deepeeka is much too small for my liking. The Konig looks perfect for me.

All the ones that I have made are much larger to fit my hand comfortably.

Nice one matey!
I like Eriks Gladius!
Looks nice!
I have a Pompey from M. Luke's!
I prefer the that over a deepeeka blade as well!
They are not easy on the hands! The grips, if
Improved would do wonders for Deepeeka!
I put a different grip and pommel/guard on a deepeeka Mainz and it felt
Like a totally different weapon!
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Very Very nice :woot:
Regards Brennivs Big Grin
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