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"How to" make a pugio
Hahahahhaah...yes, bring on the next chapter!
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Cesar, 2 questions..

1. How long did it take to make the front plate from marking the pattern to the silver solder inlay?

2. Did you use flux paste in the etched areas?
Hello, Peroni

1: Mark with the iron: 1 or 2 hours. Paint, 3 hours. Etching: depends. You must see how the etching is going, and then lay the piece more or less time. The more time consuming is enlaying.

2: The silver solder paste includes flux. Previously you must clean very well the piece with bicarbonate to keep off the particles of chlorure.

To make the "inlaying", you need a torch with a little flame but a very high temperature, in order to make a very localized heat point. In other case, if the solder could goes irregular. When the inlay is finished, you need a lot of sanding, polishing and buffing to obtains a nice result. And probably, you need to repeat the procedure at some localized points...It's probably a coarse method, but reall inlay it's very hard to me.

Happy to be helpfull...
Thanks Cesar! Very nice work.
Many thanks- laudes!!
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Beautiful work. You are a true artist.

I enjoy all your posts.

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Wow Cesar,

As someone about to recieve a unfinished pugioblade for a type B shortly, and thus one about to embark on pugio reconstruction, you really made my day with your blow by blow description. Big Grin Thanks a bundle!
Is there any way to bookmark a thread like this. I wander around RAT, find jems of posts and links and then search myself blind trying to find them again. Perhaps this is already solved or posted somewhere, but I'm still kind of new to RAT. :oops:
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A little more...

Now we have to make the hinges of the suspension sistem.

As you knows, the B type sheath have a kind of loops that are similar to the belt buckles. Some of the real ones are casted, but some ones are maded with silver, copper alloy or iron wire making loops.

I have chosen the latter possibility. I have taken silver wire and with help of a special pliers i have given it the form.

[Image: IMG_0970.jpg]

Here it's one of them:

[Image: IMG_0971.jpg]
The iron front plate are secured with four groups of 3 or 4 rivets or pins, with a bing rounded head. The central one or the central two of each group secures too the hinge of the buckle. In some pugiones, there are a little brass plate over the iron plate:

At the city where i live, i don't have found any proper rivets, so i have to make it, too.

I have put a silver wire vertically fixed in a block of welding, with part out of the block. Put some flux in the outer part and heat wit the torch. The exterior part will fuse and turn into a little ball.

[Image: IMG_0969.jpg]
we have yet put the brass rectangles over the iron plate:

[Image: IMG_0973.jpg]

I don't know what's the function: aesthetical?

Now we make the hinges for the buckles.

we have to cut rectangles of silver, and anneal to prevents cracking. Cut the central part of the rectangle, making two "legs".With the pliers, make the tube for the hinge and pass the buckle.

better, a pic with the steps:

[Image: IMG_0972-2.jpg]
and....????????What more Craftsman? :lol:
[Image: vexilium.jpg]
This is the best Cliffhanger ever!
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What's a Cliffhanger?

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