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Just a diorama: Manduessedum - CAUTION: large pictures !!!
Avete omnes,

as a modell enthusiast I just want to revive the aspect of modelling that IMHO comes somewhat too briefly in this Historical Gaming & Modelling forum (although I am also a great fan of 'Praetorians').

Some of the pictures may be a little large, for this I already apologize in advance. The diorama consists of 25 soldiers in the size of 54 mm (1 : 32) that are mostly converted or totally scratched, therefore I used tin soldiers or such of plastic and a lot of milliput ...

[Image: bgesamt7yautm.jpg]

Represented is a scene of the battle of Manduessedum, assumed to be today's Mancetter o'War in the midlands, when in 61 CE a Roman army, consisting essentially from parts of legiones XIV Gemina and XX Valeria as well as auxiliary contingents, all in all perhaps 12,000 - 15,000 men, under the governor Gaius Suetonius Paullinus remained victorious against a coalition of revolting British tribes, lead by the queen of the Icenians, Boudicca (Boadicea), allegedly approximately 100,000 warriors.

Shown is the turning point of the battle. The exhausted legionaries and auxiliaries have repelled some attack waves of the Brittones, a Tribune raises a conquered Gaul field ensign, while in the background Paullinus gives the instruction to the auxiliary cavalry to pursue the beaten enemy - "Debellate Superbos - strike the rebells".

[Image: 2018-05-0118.16.47jpq2n.jpg]

[Image: 2018-05-0118.19.59gnp84.jpg]

Some may recognize the similarity with Angus McBride's painting in Concord's "Imperial Rome at war (plate 19)" - it served me as a pattern.

[Image: 40c2028d1d56d71add29b328deacfe44.jpg]

Greets - Uwe
Greets - Uwe
Narukami <p></p><i></i>
Where do you get 54mm Romans like these from? Do you cast your own from moulds or do you get these already cast? -Octavianvs <p></p><i></i>
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thanks, again

there are some commercial figures, but no one of them remained in its original shape, I used figures from Andrea, New Hope, Airfix and others, all were converted.

For example the tribune in the foreground left has the body of Andrea's 'Centurio in Battle' and got new arms and a new head and received some Milliput, only the parts in yellow are original.

[attachment=3:rjk5mxyl]<!-- ia3 atrib2.jpg<!-- ia3 [/attachment:rjk5mxyl]

Another example is the legatus on his rising horse. Originally it was a rather cheap figure from a Belgian Coffee company (I am not sure, I bought it on a figure fair), looking like this:

[attachment=2:rjk5mxyl]<!-- ia2 asuet2.jpg<!-- ia2 [/attachment:rjk5mxyl]

It consisted of Grey hard plastic that was easy to convert and again with some Milliput I could change it into the figure I needed for my diorama. The rising horse is from Airfix and belonged originally to a French Napoleonic cuirassier (also a cheap solution, compared with tin horses).

[attachment=1:rjk5mxyl]<!-- ia1 asuet4.jpg<!-- ia1 [/attachment:rjk5mxyl]
[attachment=0:rjk5mxyl]<!-- ia0 asuet5.jpg<!-- ia0 [/attachment:rjk5mxyl]

Greets - Uwe
wow, really impressive! <p>-------------------------------------------------------<br>
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Jeroen Pelgrom
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Bedankt, Jeroen.

As You said it ...

[attachment=0:np0q0yqy]<!-- ia0 bgall2.jpg<!-- ia0 [/attachment:np0q0yqy]
Greets - Uwe
kudos, a really great work!<br>
I think I'll draw inspiration from it for a drawing!<br>
Do you have any other?<br>
Flavius <p></p><i></i>
aka Giuseppe Cascarino
Decima Legio
Roma, Italy

mille grazie for Your praise. It honors me if You take Your inspiration and make a painting of it. In the moment I have only 3 dioramas finished, one is the scene where I took the so called Praetorians from the Louvre relief as a model; it was shown already in the topic about the Praetorian cavalry.

The third is a smaller vignette with only 2 men and a tiger, it's not historic, I tried to recreate a famous photo from 'Gladiator'.

[attachment=4:1ocq84yl]<!-- ia4 a-bild1.jpg<!-- ia4 [/attachment:1ocq84yl] [attachment=3:1ocq84yl]<!-- ia3 d-detail3b.jpg<!-- ia3 [/attachment:1ocq84yl]

Just for me it takes much time to build a diorama. For 'Manduessedum' with its 25 men and 6 horses I needed about 2 1/2 years as I am not a professional but just a hobby modellist who works in the evening when he has enough time. In the moment I am working on two projects. One is rather large following the famous paiting of Lionel-Noel Royer 'Vercingetorix drops his weapons to the feet of Caesar'. 25 figures are semi- or fully modelled, scratched, none yet painted; however, one can already recognize how it once will look like.

[attachment=2:1ocq84yl]<!-- ia2 Gemälde von Royer.jpg<!-- ia2 [/attachment:1ocq84yl] [attachment=1:1ocq84yl]<!-- ia1 Bild2355a.JPG<!-- ia1 [/attachment:1ocq84yl]

But I got a little tired of it and interrupted the progress for a smaller vignette. I modelled the Caelius-tombstone from Xanten and try to make a little scene with a centurio at a Roman road, a general sitting on his horse (Aulus Caecina ?), both standing between the tombstones and watching legionaries on their march-off for Germanicus' first campaign in 14 AD.

[attachment=0:1ocq84yl]<!-- ia0 SIMG2599.JPG<!-- ia0 [/attachment:1ocq84yl]

Greets - Uwe
Some new photos added - see the post replies above.

Greets - Uwe
Greets - Uwe
Nice detailing.
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Byron Angel
Superb! Figure conversion and painting are first rate. Outstanding composition takes it over the top. I look forward to seeing your Vercingetorix. Very nice indeed!
I'm like you - work in the evenings when I can. Smaller projects - single figures and vignettes - I can usually finish in a few weeks. Large dioramas (like my nearly 100 figure Teutoburg) take many months/years.
Thanks for sharing - the work is awesome!
Hi Kevin,

thank You for Your friendly words. I do also look forward for my Vercnigetorix, but "running out of Gas" (as You wrote in Your topic) as a question of motivation - I know that problem very well. That is exactly the reason why my Vercingetorix-diorama was interrupted for 4 years. I spent that time with beginning other diorama-projects and finished none of them. Lack of time and working in the evening is not always a solution...

BTW, like You, I am also proud owner of dog, in my case a beauty of a German sheperd; it takes of course a lot of time walking with her (together with my wife), but I would never want to miss it.

Greets - Uwe
Greets - Uwe

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