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John Davis
I had some shockingly sad news today, John Davis, artist and most stalwart and creative member of Legio II Augusta (UK) died today as a result of a car accident as he was travelling with two other members to the Leg II show at Chedworth. The other two members were hurt but not badly.
John's appearance was very Greco- Roman but more of an educated administrator than a soldier. He was nevertheless the leader of the auxiliaries; he did all of the wall paintings and decorative art work; he also did a quick change after the show and gave a very good talk and presentation as an architectus.
[Image: 2005archeon_2andreas5.jpg]
Robert Vermaat
FECTIO Late Romans
(Maurikios-Strategikon, book VIII.2: Maxim 12)
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That's sad news indeed. My thoughts go to his family and friends!

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
John was there when I joined the Augusta 5 years ago and I'm sure he was at pretty much all the shows. Given that he's a non-driver and had to rely on public transport or lifts from other members this shows the amount of commitment he put in. A lot of his artwork remains on the groups buildings. He will be missed.
Lawrence Payne

Asking me to tile your bathroom is like asking Vermeer to creosote your shed ;-)
Otherwise known as John Architectus.

Indeed I am sure he will be greatly missed.
We were also shocked to hear of this horrible accident.
John was a gentle and quiet person.

As well a great artist, he was wonderfully well-read, being extremely knowledgeable in all things artistic and theological.

I hope the others also involved in this accident are not too badly hurt.
Our best wishes.

Updated the first message.
Robert Vermaat
FECTIO Late Romans
(Maurikios-Strategikon, book VIII.2: Maxim 12)
[Image: artgroepbutton.jpg]
From Legio II Augusta:

To all members,

JOHN DAVIS or as we all new him John "artist" was officially pronounced dead at 9.45am today, Monday 24th July.
John was travelling as a passenger with Dave(the horse) and Dave's partner, Clair to the event at Chedworth Roman Villa this past weekend when they were involved in a head on collision with another vehicle around 8. 30am on Saturday morning.
Dave and Claire suffered severe seat belt bruising to chest and hips and John suffered severe internal injuries. From the scene of the accident until his death John did not regain consciousness.

John was one of the longest serving members of Leg II Avg and was conspicuous by his attendance at every single event - he finished his time as Optio of Auxiliaries and will now be more conspicuous by his absence and the absence of the dead "skunk" he wore on his helmet (a crest I threatened to loose in transit so many times).
John was hugely talented in so many ways and his legacy will be seen and felt for a long time to come especially in the art work he left behind for us. Though a very private person John had three great "loves" that I new of, The Basingstoke Scooter Club, Romans and his Church. John had no living relatives that we know of, his friends were his family - he once said "you can't pick your family but you can pick your friends!" and he picked all of us.

There is so much more that could be said but I am sure others will do that - John will be quite irreplaceable and we shall all miss him greatly - goodbye to a talented, knowledgeable, gentle man and a great friend.

We must also spare thoughts and a prayers for David and Claire who narrowly escaped the same fate - they too loved John dearly.

Robert Vermaat
FECTIO Late Romans
(Maurikios-Strategikon, book VIII.2: Maxim 12)
[Image: artgroepbutton.jpg]
Condolences from a fellow auxillary. Terrible news.

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aka Paul B, moderator
Moderation in all things
shocking indeed... He will be missed.
Jeroen Pelgrom
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I would rather have fire storms of atmospheres than this cruel descent from a thousand years of dreams.
John was one of THE faces of II Augusta for me ever since I first saw them so many years ago in Archeon. He will be missed. My condolences to his friends and all the members of II Augusta.
Andreas Baede
Coming so soon after the other tragedy to befall the IInd Augusta this is very sad news. My condolences to all at the IInd and the families involved.

"Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream" Edgar Allan Poe.

"Every brush-stroke is torn from my body" The Rebel, Tony Hancock.

"..I sweated in that damn dirty armor....TWENTY YEARS!', Charlton Heston, The Warlord.

I missed this thread earlier in the week.

I only met John in person a few times, but we exchanged quite a few emails. He will be sadly missed. A great fellow.

My thoughts go out to David and Clair too, and wish them a speedy recovery from their injuries.

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