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Cooking utensiles
Enjoy ... caascd.jpg ... pg&.src=ph

cool stuff. thanks. ... caascd.jpg
what is thing on the left? that ladle in the middle looks sort of thick or is it just me. is that thing on the right some sort of strainer? ... pg&.src=ph
what are those? :oops:
Brent Grolla

Please correct me if I am wrong.
The the right item is a drainer with the openings for the water between the rays of the solar sumbol at the bottom.

The socond photo shows a little stove and a BBQ

Kind regards
Doing a small search for information about Rome's version of the dice game Craps, I turned up an interesting webpage from the UK. Contained on this page ([url:1q5d3t06][/url]) is a reconstruction of a roman kitchen: [url:1q5d3t06][/url]

It has only one picture, but it looks very good to my eyes - and one can clearly see the untensils of the trade prepared and ready for use.
Lucius (Ryan)
Montani Semper Liberi
Enjoy while it is still on the web: ... temis.html

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