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AMIDA: East vs. West in 4th century Iraq!
I hope you don't mind me plugging my debut novel -- it seems to me that it will be of great interest to readers of this forum. (I originally posted a notice about this in 2004, but here's a reminder :wink: )

Set in AD359, "Amida: A Novel" is the story of the siege of the city of Amida in Roman Mesopotamia by the Sassanid Persian King Shapur II. Based on the eyewitness account of Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus, and chock-full of authentic historical detail, the novel contains vivid descriptions of all aspects of siege warfare of the period, as well songs, poems, mystical visions, soliloquies, and what might just be the first ever Mithraic ritual presented in its entirety!

It's a gripping epic narrative that should be of interest to anyone who enjoys Roman military history, or just likes a cracking good read.

Amida: A Novel
ISBN 0-9547473-0-5
Paperback edition, published May 2004
Price: £8.99

Available direct from -- browse extracts and read press reviews of the book there.

Or from

Best wishes,
Mark Walker

*actually, to be pedantic, the site of the city of Amida is in Turkey, just
will this book become available in the united states? I checked and they didn't have it yet.

looks good!
-thanks for reading.

Hi there -- I am the author/publisher and will happily post a copy of the book anywhere in the world (I have sent several to Australia and the US and Canada already). Do drop me a line at [email protected] or visit my website


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